Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Week In Snookland...Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Turdstorms!

Just one more example of why the (not)Premier should not let her Ministers tweet drunk.

And if Mr. Bennett wasn't?

Drunk, I mean.


Wouldn't that be worse?

There is, of course, one more suggestion of plus .08ness in the above Tweetmess...And that would be the telltale, and errant, space between the pound sign and the 'bc' in the hashbrowny thingy...It's something Dan Burritt of the MoCo also noticed...
And didn't the BC Liberal Party smear and dump John Slater for much less public displays of 'personal problems'?
In today's real news...AG's report on Leg Finances drops today @ 2pm....And just where is that Dyble whitewa....errrr...'report' anyway?
And there's more Mary's Archives-backed Railgate stuff to come...Promise...Just waiting to see if John van Dongen gets another shot in the last couple of QP's left...In the meantime, you might want to read The Dean's latest in which he gets circular, in a most decidedly  not 'contingentish' sort of way...
Way, way, way OT, but....John Richards just played The Japandroids 'Wine & Roses' on KEXP...And I'm telling you...It's a damned good thing I'm not 22 years old right now...Because if I was I would not be heading for the culture room this morning...Why?...Because, instead, I would be ditching everything to get to the basement with the noise and the tube amps, and screaming and all that...(And E., if you're reading this you are NOT 22, OK?)



Don F. said...

Hey Ross, Makes me angry when the realization hits home that You and I are paying this rednecks wages something I'm sure that escapes those few and tiny malnurished braincells of his.
This just isn't at all funny anymore!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking BillyB could easily become known as Turd-blossom.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of turds, I wonder if Billy Bob Bennett has looked in a mirror lately.


scotty on Denman said...

Musta been drinkin' sour-grape whine. I think we can forecast the tone (and smell) of parliamentary debate, particularly if Jumbo Bill survives into the postdiluvian
Assembly. Bill will grab onto anything that floats.