Friday, June 17, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Coupling Deflector Spike Spin With An 'Agreement' With A Local proMedia Organ.


Friend and reader 'Bill' left the following as a comment at the bottom of our recent post on possible motivations for Gordon Campbell's resignation as premier of British Columbia (a.k.a. 'The Resource Extractors Made Him Do It'):

The day Christy Clark announced her sexual assault story it took all the MSM headlines (understandably). That same day another very important story - conveniently for the Liberals, did not get covered by any of 'their' local MSM (suspiciously).

Shell announced they had decided to stop investment in their LNG projects (world wide) due to oversupply and uneconomic business conditions. This decision would terminate development of two north coast BC projects. The Shell BG LNG Project planned for Prince Rupert (virtually DOA after being taken over by Shell) and Shell's Kitimat LNG project (which had already delayed their Final Investment Decision to year-end 2016) would stop being funded. This reality is a major setback, signaling just how tenuous the start up and viability of the industry in BC is - another deathblow signal for LNG in BC...


We pause Bill's comment for a moment to bring up something that Rafe Mair mentioned 'round here recently in response to a post on the wreckage being wreaked on BC Hydro:

...(T)he real story is that all this remained unreported in the mainstream media.

The dots are there for all to see.

Postmedia has a written mutual masturbation agreement with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers ( for a copy), the oil industry pays huge bucks to BC Liberals, their partners, the Sun, Province and National Post don't investigate Campbell/Clark and lay off stories unhelpful to it. The lying is not just what they say; even more it's what they don't say - deliberately...

With that, we now return to Bill's regularly scheduled commenture:

...The halting of all Shell LNG developments was reported in LNG World News, eastern newspapers and here in BC by Grant G. on his blog The Straight Goods. In the week since Ms Clark announced her assault there has been much follow up on that story and absolutely no mention on this bad news LNG story from any of the local MSM. A very significant LNG abandonment and what it foretells of future prospects went unreported.

I would venture thIis LNG bad news has not been reported because it it's not the kind of news the Liberal-captured and CAPP-funded MSM would be keen to highlight given their conflicted priorities. Certainly not the failed reality the Liberals want reported pre election.

My point?

Folks 'round here are often quick to blame our fellow citizens who are not #bcpoli junkies (i.e. most of the citizenry) for not understanding what's really going on in British Columbia.

Personally, I think that is a big mistake


After all.

If no one actually tells them what is really going on...




Anonymous said...

citizen or just taxpayer
advertising dollars seem to spike just before election-not to inform public but to curry good media coverage?

RossK said...


Based on the evidence...

The latter.


bcwaterboy said...

What we can expect is photo op after photo op of Clark attaching herself to any kind of announcement on jobs or doling out $$$ that had been taken away at some point and magically finding its way back. All of course entirely paid for by the public purse. Disgusting but this is reality. LNG will ride off quietly in the sunset while we never really get a chance to see what's really "behind the smile".

Hugh said...

From 2013,

"18. Jessica McDonald, a consultant lobbyist, is arranging meetings with staff of the Ministry of Energy and Mines on behalf of her client, Shell Canada, to discuss LNG policy and planning."

Anonymous said...

The "lies" are being covered up to prevent the real truths from emerging. The Stalinists of the cold war would be proud of the manipulation of the media here in B.C. This province has its own version of the "politbureau". Yes, the writing is on the wall, LNG is "not" viable at this time.
It appears Site C, is the "new" front runner for economic, ( read, manipulated) growth. That GDP number has to keep going up to offset that huge,(elephant in the room) BC debt.
These people, the BC Liberals, "are" organized crime...period. I believe that if the upcoming election is lost, that certain "legal issues" will come back to haunt them. Bring on the Corruption will be the best news story of the century, if of course the "whipped dog" media known as the MSM decide to cover it...

J MacDuff said...

There has been a slow leak by the main water carriers. Les Lyne has mentioned that "LNG may not be the great thing it once was. But, wait for it, the BC economy is still strong". He does mention that Liberal policies have little to do with it.
So, true the BC Liebrals just want the LNG fantasy to die slowly.
We do need the Corruption Inquiry and we need it now!
It is criminal that the MSM is just plain lying.

Anonymous said...

Vaughn Palmer: Carbon tax decidedly not revenue-neutral

Seems the Dean is getting a little agitated over the BC Liberals duplicitous dealings.

"Since implementation back on July 1, 2008, the offsetting tax cuts have always cost the treasury more than the proceeds from the carbon tax.

For the first eight years — many of them years when the Liberals were holding the line on program spending and hiking other levies to bring the budget into balance — the cumulative shortchanging of the treasury from the carbon tax regime totalled $1.6 billion.

The revenue gap is projected to total a further $1.6 billion over the current year and the next two.

North Van's Grumps said...

T F N are fighting mad on both sides of North America against Kinder Morgan and Enbridge pipelines. Christy Clark chartered another plane to take a look. It would have cheaper to use Google Earth.

Anonymous said...

opinion Of BC- Politically it is thoroughly corrupted, economically it is too deeply indebted to ever extricate itself, morally it is without direction, rudderless in dangerous seas and heading for the rocks after going under a new bridge and over a new dam.?

Anonymous said...

Is there an industry that Postmedia hasn't whored itself out to?

Postmedia strikes deal with Mogo to swap ad space for revenue share

RossK said...


Saw some of this weekend in Sat's dead-tree version of the Sun (sorry, Mr. Mair, just can't quit newsprint). It was kinda/sorta labelled as ad/sponsored content, but it sure as heck had the look of an actual piece.

This stuff is bad, but not near as bad as agreements like the one with CAPP, I reckon.