Friday, July 01, 2016

We're Big In....Smithers?


The podcast/audio hosting service that I use on the cheap (i.e. for free) has upgraded its stats-stuff.

It could always do this...

But now it can do the following as well...

Which is pretty darned cool (that Smithers number I mean).

Sounds like it just might be time for another 'Northern World Tour'.

This time with music!

Those numbers are just for the last three weeks or so...Without any real plugging/blog-flogging (i.e. the numbers can be pushed when the pods/tunes are moved up on the main page daily, which is what I used to do with the old 'Sunday Set Lists')...Regardless, I'm always amazed by how many folks actually push the button on all this short attention span warbling... Which, I suppose, is something that could/should be put to good use from a #bcpoli talk point of view if I could just get my act together...
By way of comparison...Linear type stuff gets ~30-50,000 page views per month depending on the extent of the keyboard poundification in any given 4 week period...Still F-troop list stuff, but interesting nonetheless given the increasing fragmentation/atomization of the bloggodome/tubez/twitmachine, not to mention the fact that I suck at phone traffic - probably because of the ancient lay-out and the purposeful avoidance of the Book of Faces.



Lenin's Ghost said...

Whoa, Ross!

Your word wizardry is starting to make me dizzy.

RossK said...


That's the idea.

You back?


e.a.f. said...

that truly is all amazing!

Lenin's ghost? if its a ghost it can always come back...........

Lenin's Ghost said...

Yes. Ross. Always lurking about. Well put, eaf.
Ol' Trots and I remember the old days when you just had to watch out for peeps with the bad mustaches. He thinks that the Cheshire cat be more devious than any of them.
Trots finds your word wizardry more dizzying than an ice pick.
Where have all the heroes gone?

Lenin's Ghost said...

No more heroes,.........the stranglers

RossK said...

eaf & LG--

While he may invoke the the self-imposed Bryan Trottier free trade agreement at the drop of the hat, LG himself is no ghost.

And as for that Stranglers stuff...'Tis getting pretty darned close to Mr. Beer 'N Hockey territory.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Historical note. A good friend of mine knee Bryan Grittier and his family/gang. He/they were from small towns outside of Saskatoon. They called them the Trottier gang composed of the family boys and some others hanging with them.
These gangs would hit Saskatoon on weekends and chase pussy, drink, fight, and cause general mayhem. The Trottier were considered the nastiest aof the gangs.
Back in the days of Franco/Saskatchewan Catholic times when it wasn't uncommon for families to have 10 or 12 kids.
Back in the days when small town hockey rivalries were blood sports and the real fights started after the games fueled by huge amounts of booze and poverty/economic hopelessness.
Check the history of prairie NHL players and you will notice most were tough as nails.
These were danger days. These were troubled times.

Scotty on Denman said...

Get you act together?

Jeez, Ross!

BTW: last time I saw Vlad he was standing on a street corner in Seattle.

All hail the Community of Music!!

RossK said...

Thanks LG--

My cousin dated one of the wild Saskatoon boys who ended up playing his junior hockey in Victoria at the same time Trottier was in Swift Current...They were tough, tough kids indeed.



With harpoon in hand?


Scotty on Denman said...

No, I had a coffee.

RossK said...

Fair enough.