Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir.....

At Long Last?



Apparently, the federal Liberal operative, and Dion backer, Mr. Jason Cherniak has now made it clear that he believes not in a nation of laws nor of decency, but rather in a nation of rumours.

Especially if said rumours originate from 'credible' people.

You can get the entire story from Pogge, because I will not continue any further attempts to engage in a reasoned debate with the Operative, nor link to him any longer.

I do have one suggestion, however, for anyone that might be thinking of swallowing the Operative's StarChamber-assisted codswallop.

And that is to listen to this.


Because this stuff matters.


Update, Sun Mar 25/07, 11:20pm PDT: The Operative has now posted up a carefully worded half-a-mama-mea culpa titled 'I was wrong'. However, despite the title, I read it as a non-apology apology. Specifically, I cannot conceive of a truly heartfelt apology in which the propagator of a vicious, unsubstantiated and hurtful rumour continues to consider the said propagation, as the Operative now puts it, to have been a mistake made in 'good faith'.


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