Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Rest For Fitz


OK, he didn't do a bad job on the Libby thing.

In fact, a whole lotta folks, including some who are in a pretty good position to know, figure that what he did actually demonstrates that America can still be a nation of laws, not men.

But that doesn't mean that Patrick Fitzgerald can rest on his laurels.

After all, the time has now come for him to get David Radler to sing like a canary in an effort to bring down Lord Black in the Crosshairs:

Conrad Black's lawyers will be in a Chicago courtroom today to begin the lengthy process of selecting 12 people who will make up the jury that will decide the former media baron's fate.

More than 100 potential jurors have already filled out long questionnaires seeking details about their background, political views and thoughts on Big Business. A proposed questionnaire filed in court in January contained 114 questions ranging from basic information such as education and work experience to feelings about Canadians and people entitled "Lord." Several other questions asked whether the prospective juror agreed or disagreed with a series of statements such as "Corporate executives make too much money" and "Most corporate executives would break the law if they thought they would not get caught."

Looks like they missed the one that asks that really crazy hypothetical about.....

"Corporate executives that break into their own offices and steal boxes of court-protected evidence under the glare of security cameras"

Or some such thing.


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