Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hiding In Plain Sight.....


Earlier today former Socred, Reformer, CCRAP-master flash, and Stockwell Day defender John Reynolds took a breather from the controversy surrounding the Ontario Provincial Police's probe into parole board patronage and paid a little visit to his old stomping grounds, the floor of the British Columbia legislature.

Apparently, according to an interview with S.M. Holman, Mr. Reynolds was just there to 'talk politics' with the likes of LINO Transportation and Porkchop Minister, Kevin Falcon.

But the best (and most defensive?) quote of the day apparently came from the Minister for Forests, Housing and Cowboys, Rich Coleman, who said that the conversation with Mr. Reynolds was:

"Nothing nefarious."

To which you might say......Hmmmmmm......

Especially if you have considered the fact that Mr. Falcon will soon be in charge of laying out a whole lot of local pavement pork which will ultimately, especially if the dreaded majority befalls us, rely upon increased Gateway project funding from Mr. Reynolds' current party of convienience.

Not to suggest that there would be any sort of nefarious, circular, quid pro quos associated with a deal like that or anything.

No siree.



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