Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Willful And The Ignorant


OK, now that the Republicans no longer control either the House or the Senate in the U.S. Congress we finally understand why the far right American Enterprise Institute is looking so hard, and is willing to pay, scientists to shill for them and say that humans and Lincoln Navigators are not contributing to climate change.

Mark Morford makes it all clear:

And then there's this: Only 13 percent of congressional Republicans see global warming as a human-caused issue, compared with 95 percent of Dems. That's right, despite the National Academy of Sciences, despite the American Association for the Advancement of Science, despite the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, despite the United Nations, despite every reputable (and often, very conservative) scientific body on the planet, half of our own Congress denies that humans have had anything to do with global warming. Ah, how proud they must be.


We sure hope the Republicans aren't in control of congress when we find the cause of, oh say, Alzheimer's disease, if it turns out that it has an anthropormorphic component.


Be interesting to have a similar poll taken of Cons vs. the Rest up hear in Canuckistan.
Have a new Lincoln Navigator story that does not involve Toys'RUs replica models......Was riding along the 10th Ave bike route this afternoon and could feel an SUV on my shoulder so I pulled into a relatively tight space between two parked cars to let it go by. Of course the guy driving the thing sped up and roared right through the puddle next to me. I got soaked; he lost a chunk of good karma. Fair trade I figure.


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