Sunday, June 22, 2008

Erik Bornmann's RailGate Six - Three Down.....

......Three To Go?

Erik Bornmann is the former BC Liberal party-connected lobbyist who 'allegedly' bribed BC Liberal government staffers David Basi and Robert Virk while acting for the American RailCo OmniTRAX during the run-up to the LedgeRaids in 2003.

Unlike the 'alleged' bribees, Mr. Bornmann, (ie. one of the 'alleged' bribers) has never been charged and, instead, will apparently be the Crown's star witness (if the trial ever starts).


Rick Thorpe is currently BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell's Minister for 'Small Business And Revenue'.

On Friday, Mr. Thorpe dumped.......errrrrrrr......announced his retirement thusly:

"To use a hockey analogy, you have to know when to take the skates off and the time has come for me to take the skates off."

Which is reassuring, indeed.

Question is what position did he play?


There are six players on the ice during a hockey game.

Which, it turns out, is exactly the same number of BC Liberal Party 'players' that Erik Bornmann said he 'officially' met with while acting as a lobbyist for OmniTRAX in 2003.

Interestingly, three of those players are now gone (click on image to enlarge).


Who's next?

Sure, Mr. Thorpe was not the most 'popular' of Campbell Cabinet Ministers, but it is laughable in the extreme how much pro-media attention, including a full half of the 'Rabble Rousing Panel' discussion on this morning's Public Eye Radio show, has been focussed on the fact that Gregor Robertson has stepped down as an MLA so that he can concentrate on running for the mayor's chair in the City of Vancouver vs. this story. And it was wurlitzered by BC Liberals just off Mr. Bornmann's ice, people like Mike de Jong who made a huge fuss that this means there is a huge rift in the NDP Party Party. Question: Does this in anyway compare to the very recent resignations of four, count 'em four(!) (Taylor, Ilich, Richmond, and now Thorpe) cabinet ministers in front of the premier goalie? Sheesh.


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