Saturday, July 25, 2015

MCFD Inquiry...VSun v. VSun.


First, the Dean of all things Lotuslandian legislative, Mr. Palmer:

This week the child welfare ministry stood accused of some of the most horrific misconduct in an oft-troubled history: defying and misleading the courts and delivering four children into the hands of their abusive father.

The established watchdog over the ministry, Turpel-Lafond, had already pronounced what sounded like a verdict. “This is in some ways a new low for the child welfare system in B.C.,” she said in one interview. “This is a child welfare ministry that for some time has felt that it doesn’t have to answer to independent oversight or to a court,” she declared in another.

Adding to the complications were outstanding legal and potential personnel issues. The government needed to avoid the rush to judgment that occurred in the health ministry three years ago, when an internal investigation-turned-witch hunt led to an unsustainable string of firings that ruined reputations and lives.

Seeking an independent assessment of the ministry from an experienced public servant, the B.C. Liberals sought out one who was present at the creation. Fired by Mike Harcourt, rehabilitated by Glen Clark, unforgiven by Gordon Campbell, Bob Plecas was back.

“Another Clark move,” one might say. Worthy of Premier Glen, but authored by Premier Christy...

Next, he who once eschewed a certain war room (allegedly), Mr. Mulgrew:

Children and Families Minister Stephanie Cadieux has declared war on B.C.’s children’s advocate by appointing Bob Plecas to review the latest scandal to beset the government.

In the face of a damning decision that lambasted her ministry, Cadieux is making the problem worse with her response to findings that child welfare workers gave an abusive dad the opportunity to commit sex abuse while labelling the caring mom crazy...


...Instead of inviting the woman with the legislative mandate to get involved (Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond), Cadieux gave the job Friday to the longtime, retired bureaucrat.

She said Turpel-Lafond has exhibited bias.

Bias? For speaking up for the kids and the family? That’s lame.

Plecas has no statutory authority and it’s unclear what kind of clout he has: Why would staff talk with him? Why would anyone involved who might face further legal proceedings speak without being lawyered up? And he’s going to get it all done and deliver a report by Oct. 13?...


...Plecas’s opening platitudes didn’t inspire confidence: “Look at what’s there, look at this case, use it as a way to focus and see if there are systemic things that I can make recommendations about that will make it better for other children. That’s why I am doing it.”

Has he read the decision? How about those children who were abused; how about doing something for them and their mom?

This is the same kind of slipshod review process the Liberals employed to try to sweep the health firings under the carpet. And look at what that is costing us.

The systemic issue here isn’t about centralization of the ministry, as the well-meaning pensioner opined: It’s how the ministry deals with allegations like this in the context of high-conflict divorces; this case isn’t unique...

..(As Turpel-Lafond said) in her broadside of a reply to Cadieux’s announcement:

“I want to make it clear that, as this case did involve the sexual abuse of a young child who was involved with the ministry, I will continue to monitor this file and will in due course make a determination concerning an independent investigation and report by my office.

“The province’s hiring of an external contractor cannot and does not affect, limit, or change the authorities and responsibilities of my office to represent the children and youth of B.C., including statutory powers of investigation. Nor does it affect the roles and responsibilities of the Vancouver Police Department with regard to any pending criminal investigation of the abuse of the child.”

Given the hole this government is in with its treatment of families in crisis, you would think Cadieux would stop digging.



It looks like maybe someone fell asleep at the Postmedia editor's desk kill switch.

Of course, some members of the Lotuslandian puffed-up punditry club will soon tell us that this is actually a great example of big media organ diversity of opinion.


There is also the small matter of the follow-up puffed-up-puffery in a time of deflector-spike-spin need in extremis.


There is a Club?...You bet there is.
And why, exactly, is the Mr. Palmer not floating the 'Ombudsperson Solution' on this one while simultaneously pooh-poopy-poohing the problems with 'inquiries'?...And, I've just got to ask...Does the uber-connected, insider-accessed Mr. Palmer, knowing how the Premier's office runs (and who really runs it), really think that this was actually Ms. Clark's doing when it comes to the specifics of the thing?



Anonymous said...


Perhaps these are transitional narratives designed to prepare us for the imminent severing of the Chief Puppet's strings?

Anonymous said...


RossK said...


I'll bite....If that turns out to be the case...Who do you al think is next in line?



And who, exactly in the Premier's office, would be the wielder of all that zeal for control.


Put another way...

Who is NOT running this whitewa....errrrr...'inquiry'?


Anonymous said...



de Jong. He has been doing Preministerial impressions for months...almost zen in his self-possession...

And just in: he's off to Malaysia...usurping the photo-op-in-chief...who it seems, hasn't won the charm offensive with us Okanagians, as we nervously wait for our fire-risk-un-mitigated forests to explode.

RossK said...

Short odds, indeed, for Cookie Dough Mike.

(he also got that star-sheened, awww shucksified, cowpie-dung-on-his-boots makeover in the VSun just before the deal went down as well)


Anonymous said...

Ian Mulgrew has been following this case for years and he knows how badly MCFD acted.

Palmer, on the other hand, has got a tanker truck full of white wash which he just sprayed in all directions. But, despite Palmer's lame attempts to fool us, Bob Plecas is clearly *not* an independent investigator, he is a fully partisan BC Liberal insider.

I hope Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond does her own investigation.

Les Leyne has a good column on this too.

RossK said...

Hadn't seen the LLeyne column yet. Credit-where-credit-is due, it is good.

Thanks Anon.


e.a.f. said...

Lafond ought to be doing the investigation. That is her job. Cad. most likely doesn't want anyone doing their job in this case. It could wind up at her door,

Palmer, in my opinion lost his "chops" a long time ago. Perhaps on purpose to continue to earn is cheques or perhaps he just doesn't care.

With child welfare in the mess it is today you'd think some one in the MSM might do a few investigations or articles. But no. And they wonder why people no longer ready the paper.

Anonymous said...

PAB in charge?

Anonymous said...

Equal Paws, supporting those training thier own service dogs! said...

When is the public inquiry going to be the system has been in crisis long enough!