Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Keef Report...Hysteria Revisited.


First, the hysteria monger cranks up his twittmachined wurlitzer.


Then, the 'hysterical' respond:

'Nuff said?

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Bill said...

Fiction can be stranger than truth...

At a pseudo briefing during Christy's recent sparklers flyover fire-watch and photo-op the subject of the Mars water bomber came up - and I believe she was heard to remark 'Mars Water bomber... Why would we want to water bomb Mars?' Or some such sincere off the cuff fluff.

Anonymous said...


I suspect that if Mr. Baldrey lived at the edge of wilderness as I do, he would find religion. An orange water bucket and 'copter against a firestorm is like spitting into the wind.

Lew said...

With well over 200 wildfires ravaging BC and help coming in from afar, every asset counts. Even if not up to Keef’s high standards.

The real question is why Global continues to deploy Keef despite his severe limitations.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Baldrey needs to be ON the fire line instead firing from the side line

Dana said...

Baldrick is the crowning intellectual achievement of Global News.

Without him they would be little more than an escadrille of drooling cretins.

Come to think of it they are a escadrille of drooling cretins with him.

Don't watch and tell their advertisers why.

If enough people tell the advertisers why they don't watch changes will be made.

These programs are not about the news. They're about selling shit.

motorcycleguy said...

yup.....like Dana mentions....I've done that with appliance stores that advertise on CKNW...through a recent string of unfortunate luck for me, that appliance store did not get a lot of business....I will tune into Global and see if any advertisers are selling what I may happen to have a need for, and either realize I don't really need it in the first place, or let them know who got my business

scotty on denman said...

I used to live literally in the shadow cast by the mighty Martin-Mars water bombers, which flew regularly over my house on Sproat Lake for years and years, putting out fires in terrain as rough as Vancouver Island and beyond. Watched it more recently snuff fires on the east coast of the Island, using saltwater. Watched it up close in demonstration drops, and saw how snapped treetops pinwheeled away from the incredible force of six thousand gallons moving at 130 miles an hour. Been amazed at how a single drop can snuff substantial blazes that would have taken ANY other method tens of times longer to bring under control...

...but this is the first time I've ever heard of its "limitations". The real "limitation" is the BC Liberal government, whose unworkable, neo-right ideology has put a premium on excuses for their inevitable ineptitude and dys-management.

Wake up, people, the BC Liberals are holding us back so's to enrich their buddies. They are the antithesis of free-enterprise and fiscal prudence, and denying it makes them liars and charlatans of the first degree.

Unknown said...

Excellent comments, thank you all.

Anonymous said...

The Mars water bomber owner, Wayne Coulson, also publicly supported the NDP and opposed the Liberals in the 2013 provincial election.

Was that why his Mars contract was pulled in 2014?

More info at Lailla's blog http://lailayuile.com/2014/07/21/why-exactly-is-the-mars-bomber-sitting-idle/


e.a.f. said...

Harvey O. on Keeping it Real has an interesting post about the media and what passes for news and how some "reporters" pass off items as "news". Keith really falls into that category which clearly is, he is not a journalist. He doesn't report news. He simply slams everyone and anyone who disagrees with the B.C. Lieberals. I sometimes wonder if he is on their payroll or Global's.

Those water bombers work. I have seen them work on fires several times in my life. They can take huge amounts of water and just dump it. Nothing around that comes close. her "photoopness" and her not so good photoopness supporters, need to get out more often and watch a couple of really good forest fires and see what works better, one of her "photoopness's" fire flies or the real thing, a Mars water bomber. I don't believe for a minute those fire flies can do an effective job on really big fires. if this premier had a quarter of a brain, she'd be having new Mars water bombers built. Quess none of her friends are in that business. Well just let the province burn. If enough of it burns perhaps people will want a change in government come 2017. if not, they can wait until its their home which burns.

Unknown said...

I said this before but I believe it needs repeating:

I believe another factor that affected the MSM, esp. is that they were bought by big companies. They lost whatever independence they had, and the journalists had to tow the line. What happened to Marjorie NIcols, who used to work for The Vancouver Sun? It is thought that she left to work back east to work because she was too critical of the BC provincial gov't. We don't have the analysis that we need, we just have quoters. One of the first independent journalists, I F Stone, started his own newspaper, because he wanted to publish what was happening, not what one was told. We need more independent journalists who will tell us and analyze what is happening.