Thursday, June 30, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Will The Wizards Now Try To Get Woodford Fired?

Because, well...

You know.


All snark aside, this business of some local proMedia members starting to call out Ms. Clark on her word salad garnished with poop-laden pretzellian logic is a very encouraging sign.



Anonymous said...

VP calls out CC on bridge schedule:
"So the premier will have her hard hat moment. That, at least, one can take to the bank."

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll fire the Mayors too

Metro Vancouver mayors reject replacement of Massey Tunnel with 10-lane bridge

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If Clark were Prime Minister every comedian in the country would have a bit about her in their act. Even her supporters would be falling out of their chairs laughing.

Lew said...

Interesting piece from a story on the Massey Tunnel in the Journal of Commerce from September 2009.

“Buckland & Taylor Ltd. was retained in 1999 to prepare a seismic assessment of the structure, which identified seismic vulnerabilities and established feasible seismic retrofits and costs.
A retrofit project was then initiated to increase the survivability of the tunnel in the event of a significant earthquake.
In May 2001, Buckland & Taylor Ltd. was selected to prepare the final design for the seismic retrofits.
Subsequently, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation upgraded the pumping and emergency power system and Buckland & Taylor Ltd. performed this work. The retrofits were completed in 2006.
Upon completion, the ministry decided not to proceed with the other improvements. A second value engineering exercise took into consideration that there is a plan to replace the tunnel with a new crossing in the next 20 years.”

So the NDP initiated a seismic upgrade in 1999, the BC Liberals cancelled the seismic retrofits in 2006 saying they had a plan to replace the tunnel, and now use the seismic deficiencies as an excuse to build a bridge.

It does kinda sound like "word salad garnished with poop-laden pretzellian logic" doesn't it?

sd said...

She's getting talking points from Sara Palin now.

Scotty on Denman said...

"Poop-laden pretzillian logic..."---gawd! That's exactly what many of us Islanders said about the cable-ferry!

We got the damn thing, anyway, but today one sailing has been missed due to engine trouble (BCF Services Inc assured us service levels would remain the same as the self-propelled ferry provided, but we'd always warned of missed sailings. In nearly thirty years I recall the Buckley Bay run to have missed runs due to weather or mechanics only once; in three months I've lost count of missed sailings by the new cable-ferry.)

The Quinitsa was standing by, engines running, anticipating cable-ferry breakdowns over last weekend's tourist rush. We wonder if it'll be back this weekend---and, of course, whether the stand-by realizes the savings BCFS Inc used to rationalize building this trunk-and-tail-tethered white elephant.

"Poop-laden"---that's a nautical term, no?

Anonymous said...

Who would believe anything the Christy and Co say? People do your research, don't just think what Globall and other mainstream media and their "media" heads, ie Palmer, Baldery etc., are putting out there is truthful. Dig, dig, read, read. Educate yourselves.

Glen Clark said...

I was the Minister responsible when we initiated the seismic upgrades. The notion at the time was to add another tunnel that would attach to the current one. (in part to accommodate HOV lanes as we had began to develop the network)Admittedly, seismic standards keep being enhanced with better understanding of the risks (of course, recent quakes in San Fransisco and particularly Japan, have raised doubts that engineering can actually deal with a major earthquake!)

RossK said...


Including bridges I believe.

Point is, of course, that this particular quip was thrown out, off the cuff, to do nothing more than deflect rather than provide a real justification for a major capital project.


Anonymous said...

cartoons canned raeside? picture worth 1000 words
Jessop too truthful?

Anonymous said...

do a forensic audit on the BC libs Government and its crown corps

site c bcuc review also

forensic audit 2001 to 2016 32 to 66 billion dollars bclibs added to bc debt.

e.a.f. said...

Christy wants a 10 lane bridge because she can award contracts for the work to her sponsors/donaters, etc.

the first time I drove from Tswassen to the tunnel on the new highway, the first thing which went through my mind was this highway wanders through every piece of farm land one way or another. wonder why? You could clearly see this wasn't to take traffic to a 4 lane tunnel.

There was the building of that huge mall in Twassen. it didn't make sense. the population base doesn't warrant it.

Then it came to me, change all the farm land from the tunnel to white rock into housing and boy do you need a big bridge and a big mall. Wonder when Christy is going to announce that farm land is coming out of the ALR and being re zoned for residential to provide "affordable housing for Canadians". of course there will be a pre sale in China first.

Scotty on Denman said...

...yep, it's back.