Saturday, June 11, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland...#CowboyUp?


The Wizards of Clarklandia are, apparently, getting set to work themselves into a trademarked frenzy of Klout Clubbing.

The meaning of which is inexplicable to the uninitiated and/or unentitled.

I mean, as far as I can tell, that hashtag thingy in the good Ms. Miller's tweet is pretty much all about high school football, new boots, going to see Garth Brooks, and, well....


The scary thing?....This stuff (and, of course 8 figures in super-secret slushie money, ultra-super-dooper-secretly-funded astroturf groups replete with MoCo-approved spokespersonages, and a compliant/bamboozleable local proMedia herd) works 'round here.



Lew said...

#CowboyUp? What about the cowgirls?

Like the one in this video.

RossK said...

Wondered that myself Lew--

But, then again, perhaps Ms. Miller is playing to a different demo than her boss (at least at the moment/in front of the camera/microphone).


Anonymous said...

bcwaterboy said...

Not much of what Ms Blatchford says I agree with but she raises some valid points about the nature of Ms Clark's story and the timing of same. A sobering thought is that nothing Ms Clark says or does means anything other than advancing the public perception of Ms Clark and her ability to continue extending favours to her "free enterprise" donors. By releasing a story like this, the real intent is to make it feel icky to criticize her and thus soften her "queen of mean" reputation that seems to be getting away from Mr Chin and the spin doctor crew at Global News.