Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Last Night In Pay-To-Playland....The Hand Inside The Glove Pivots.



Look what turned up, back-to-back, on the #bcpoli Twittmachine feed last night...


First, I think it is now pretty clear who is the hand and who is the glove here, right?

And, second, who could have possibly imagined that the wizards of Clarklandia would figure out a way to pivot this whole 'pay-to-play' thingy to their advantage?


The more Mr. Weaver wins the more things will stay the same around here through 2021.

I, for one, sure do hope that Mr. Keithley of North Burnaby has thought, hard, about that.



Anonymous said...

Bid dam ,big bridge ,big lies .?Dont live a lie bc ?

Anonymous said...


There are no Virgin births -- Weaver is a political operator as sullied as the Buy Me Party he turns a blind eye to.

Lew said...

On the CKNW 8AM news Monday morning, in a news story about the BC Liberal donation issues raised by the Globe, a recorded clip from Andrew Weaver demanding an RCMP investigation was played. “…it behooves them to undertake an investigation into the way money is flowing into the BC NDP…but more…more importantly the BC Liberals because they’re both doing it, they’re both getting donations from unions and corporate donors…”

Note the impulse to name the NDP first, and then the union donations first. Small thing maybe, but I think it shows his mindset and which party he truly sees as his prime political enemy.

RossK said...

Lew and SH--

And then there are the Greenish leaners blabbing on on the Twittmachine about how the Greens take more votes from the Liberals than Dippers...

Sure thing.

Now, for those interested, go have a look at those 2013 numbers from Burnaby-Lougheed and ask yourself who everybody's favourite former local frontman and progressive-about-town is going to take votes from.

Somehow, I don't think it is going to be the Wizards' fair-haired former proMedia boy Mr. Darling.


Lew said...

The NDP must give the “affable” Mr. Steve Darling the same treatment in Burnaby-Lougheed as it gives Mr. Jas Johal in Richmond-Queensborough. That is to say, day after day demand answers to serious questions about BC Liberal transgressions that any competent journalist would surely have obtained in a lengthy career covering said transgressions.

If no answers are forthcoming, the electorate must be reminded day after day that an incompetent or secretive journalist won’t make a very trustworthy or competent MLA.

Notwithstanding Mr. Keithley’s inability to recognize who is really D.O.A.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Amongst the established electorate my experience tells me all the room for Green growth lies on the anti-social side of the political spectrum; the Greens having previously captured what was there for them from the social side of things. How First Time voters split is another matter and I think that is where the 2017 election will be decided.

RossK said...


Even if you are right, is this not playing with fire, especially in ridings like BurnLow where things are so close?


Crankypants said...

Mr. Weaver claims to residing on the high ground regarding who donates what to which party. Maybe he would like to explain how moral it is to have had the BC Liberal Party pay for a full page ad for Jane Sterk, a Green Party candidate in Victoria, in the 2013 election.

RossK said...

Had forgotten about that CP--

Pretty much illustrates what the BCL wizards in that election were staring at, eh?

And speaking of BCL wizards from 2013, doesn't one of them now work for Uber?


Anonymous said...


Cranky raises a good point. What say you Andrew? Where ARE your ethics?

Unless Weaver never left his Ivory Tower, he can't possibly have unseen Jane's gratis BC Payolla Party ad.

re BC Liberals bearing 'gifts':

Anonymous said...

eby vs clark

e.a.f. said...

A vote for Weaver and his version of the Greens is a vote for the B.C. Lieberals. That man has yet to do one thing which would set him apart from the B.C. Lieberals. Now it maybe if the Greens acquired a few seats, they may turf Weaver, oh, right isn't that what Campbell did to the other Gordon???

Weaver has yet to do or say anything regarding the environment in a serious manner. He's real quiet about the IPPs,and B.C. Hydro's negative impact on the environment. hell we have a former Socred Cabinet minister deep in his 80s who is more effective when it comes to the environment than Weaver.

In some ridings the difference between an NDP candidate winning and a B.C. Lieberal winning was the vote which went to the greens. Had those votes gone NDP there would have been a few more NDPers in the Leg. So I'd say the continuation of the Greens is something the B.C. Lieberals go to bed praying for each night.

What the Greens, not Weaver, but those really concerned about the environment, might want to think about is the history of B.C. Politics. How the Socred party was formed. How one Gordon got rid of another Gordon, etc. Should the B.C. Lieberals tank in this election and there are a few Greens in the Leg. my betting money says they "join" the Greens and then take over the party.

Hey if some one want to keep track I'll pay up, if it happens.

The only way to get rid of the B.C. Lieberals and save the environment and more than a few kids in this province is to vote NDP this time. After a B.C. Lieberal win expect the MSP premiums to go up and teachers to be laid off. The only promise the B.C. Lieberals have kept are those they made to their own. and they all prospered.

Anonymous said...

When will BC media stop reporting whats coming out of some peoples word holes before fact checking first.

North Van's Grumps said...

Somewhat off topic but .... Debate in the Legislature today has the Minister of BC Housing offering FACTOIDS, not FACT, to MLA/Lawyer David Eby

Hon. R. Coleman: The member was on radio in Kelowna the other day saying that we did something that we've never done. Again, he didn't have his facts. So I'm going to give him some factoids. Let's give him factoids. ......

Just for clarification Speaker:

Factoid was coined by Norman Mailer in his 1973 biography of Marilyn Monroe. Mailer described a factoid as "facts which have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper"

RossK said...


For a certain class of puffed-up local landed-gentry punditry...

Never, I reckon.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Gazz - on the Greens and Joe K.: politics is a competitive game: you can't win if you're not in. The Green game is a long one but they are hoping to achieve this election just what you would expect them to hope for - four seats. (It is not going to happen.) I hope people will take care with their non-Liberal vote but that does not appear to be what we can expect. I am not counting on the Green vote to collapse anywhere in the province. The road to victory is paved - not seeded.

Anonymous said...

Green as in premium plus energy pricing?

RossK said...

Fair enough Beer--

And it would appear, based on today's VPD activities, that the seeds of a certain kind at least, are in retreat.



I, personally, would actually have no problem with that if the revenue accrued was actually used for greenhouse gas mitigation projects - including truly green energy generation facilitation as opposed to, for examples, making schools pay to finance the activities of the wizards who move on to become bonafide members of the crony class.


Anonymous said...


Busy Weaver telemarketing BC Liberals:

"This was a robo-call I received during the lately premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell’s final election campaign. Campbell has since moved to London, England where he represents Canada."

Scotty on Denman said...

Christy won a default election, her first mandate promising only the possibility she'd improve because half the caucus of her care-taker government had declined to seek incumbency. Gordon Campbell's caucus she inherited after he'd resigned in disgrace mid-term had held her back, the logic goes; if the BC Liberals were re-elected, she'd have her very own mandate and a substantially purged. No one really believed her LNG whoppers; I never believed Dix's so-called 'flip-flop' on Kinder Morgan either lost the election or endorsed that pipelines---Dix merely panicked late-campaign when he realized his pusillanimity had blown the lead he started with.

This is the first election Christy has had to defend a mandate of "her very own" and the first chance for voters to weigh in on her performance. Three other elections interim also illustrate some factors which I think will affect the outcome.

The NDP should have learned by now that 'educating' voters on how ethical campaigns are to be run simply emphasizes what many fear about the NDP: that it would embark on an expensive ideological agenda. Christy might end up even looking even dumber, not because her LNG whoppers never panned (nobody believed them anyways), but because she's never really stopped campaigning, making her look more like a cheerleader than a premier and disappointing all but the most favoured cronies; meanwhile the NDP has a new leader who appears not to subscribe to the misguided campaign policy that cost so much. I'm with Lew: the NDP absolutely must parry with the BC Liberals punch-for-punch; I think John Horgan responded quickly and strongly to Christy's attempted hacking smear. It's done more to scare the BC Liberals than any other, more tangible political point.

The Albetar upset reminds BC voters that ideology needn't spoil the art of the possible, in Albetar's case to refresh stale politics by ridding a moribund ruling party---the parallels to BC being obvious. Premier Notley does democratic socialism a service by showing her government's pragmatism: it deftly busts neo-right ideologues' incessant accusation that the NDP is too idealistic (!).

The strong desire to rid the Harper-Cons depressed Green support to less than half of how it polled, showing concern about splitting the anti-Con vote, nominal Greens availing SV. The parallels to BC are obvious. I agree young voters might be an important factor after feeling their power via SV in the federal contest. IMHO, young voters' attraction to SV reflects their general disdain for partisan politics---which probably also kept them from voting before. There's evidence inexperienced voters may have mistaken national polling numbers broadcast by news media with riding numbers needed to figure out the best SV choice, and it may have yielded a bandwagon effect. SV, not so complex in BC, is naturally never recommended by any party, leaving young voters who want to have an impact without feeling like they've committed to the kind of partisanship they so obviously eschew perhaps a little under informed about SV.

The US election, different country, different system, problematic for Christy because her usual whopper-wielding campaign technique risks reminding voters of Trump's cavalier, nonsensical, hyper-chauvinistic rhetoric.

Christy flagrantly disappoints, John fearlessly parries, Greens refrain from vote-splitting to take care of priorities first, and first-time voters join the rush to rid the worst government in BC history.

Anonymous said...

Another Week In The Life Of The BC Kleptocracy