Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This Week In Clarkland...My, How Have The Conflicty Have Fallen.


From a recent BC Government FOI release in response to a 'media' inquiry:


What's this one all about Alfie?

Well, as you might expect, it's...

Sparkle Pony Karaoke!

All of which is clearly much more important, and requires all kinds of time, effort and multiple back-and-forths with the friendlies compared to, say, the flat-out rejection of an unfriendly who might actually ask real questions like, say, Andrew McLeod:

...“I have the unfortunate duty to be the bearer of bad news,” (Premier) Clark’s press secretary Stephen Smart informed me by email Thursday. “I’m very sorry but I’ve tried to make the schedule work this way, that way and the other and I am just not able to fit you in for a year-end interview tomorrow.”

“I completely fall on my sword here in that I should have pushed for a longer chunk of time for these,” wrote Smart, a former CBC reporter and press gallery colleague who went to work in Clark’s office in February. “I’d be happy to try and line you up with a senior minister instead if that might be helpful or something else in lieu of the premier. Just let me know if there is anything.”...

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that it is our fine premier, based on actual evidence and events that have occurred, repeatedly, over the last 13 years (more to come!) rather than bafflegab  lapped up, unquestioned, by the local PostMedia  friendlies, who is the local political party leader who is most lacking in an ossified vertebral column.

Conflicty?....Well....As the BC Liberals are so fond of telling we, the peons..It's all in the past so...Why worry!
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Anonymous said...

possible convo-golf tourney anyone? cheerio wine and cheese after press announcement?
would you like a career transition job?
what do you think of CAPP?

Anonymous said...

BC Premier Debt hypocrite 28 second video./

Lew said...

Imagine if those two "journalists" spent the same level of energy trying to get the Dear Premier across a table for some probing questions about LNG rather than the juvenile nonsense they recorded. The irony is that it was supposedly for a skit at the Webster awards, and Mr. Webster would probably have kicked both their asses and slashed Tamara's tires for such an insult to journalism.

It should not go unnoticed that the initiative was CTV's and the Premier's Office played them by building the stunt around a lie she wants to keep alive.

The joke is really on us. Question is how hard we'll be laughing on May 09th.

Bill said...

Shill softball deflective puffery, pseudo populist non repotting and Bully in Chief Pirate Premier pretending to be human. Webster would call this out loud and clear for the bunk it is.

As they all sing along (worse than distracted driving or running red lights?) - kids in care keep dying, helpless addicted people are being killed in back alleys and us tax payers are carpet bombed with pro BC Liberal campaign lies in the media..

Meanwhile the Liberal pay-to-play corporate sponsors continue to be showered with the favour of their bought and payed for in their pockets government.

This outrageous photo op video might not deliver the message Christy and Co want to sell us.

Willy said...

Geeez- Those 2 make Keester and Yawn look like rookies at a T-ball practice. ( I heard through the grapevine that CC is actually a love child of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin} She got her Dad's deflection and honesty skills and Mom's deep intellect )

Anonymous said...

April 1 -BC announces media pre-interview procedure?:)?