Tuesday, March 07, 2017

This Day In Pay-To-Playland...Will The Really Big Grift Get Lost In The Shuffle?


Allowing the foot soldiers in the griftiness game to pad the individual donor stats and cloak the true palsy-walsy players of the paything* is not good.

However, the bigger story, in which the palsiest of the palsys are enticed to make sizable 'investments' that pay-out massive returns that screw the rest of us over, but good, is not one of 'Both sides do it.'

Because only one side has been the government for sixteen years.



Meanwhile, Norm Farrell notes that the Dean has confirmed that he, himself, has officially checked out for the duration....

As for the Keef?


And Mikey-Mike?....Well he's making some squawking noises while pretends to be outraged about the smaller stories without going after, or anywhere near, the big one.
And, finally....Oh, heckfire....We'll get back to Mr. Obvious later.
Update: Why wasn't John Horgan all over this yesterday?...Because he's being careful and not just 'Saying Anything' as per the current premier of this province as was clear from his interview with Jon McComb this morning.
*Updatier Update: See insightful comments by Anon-O-Mice in the attached thread for ideas about how the small time end of the grift may/likely really works, in detail...Originally, I had noted that their may be tax implications to the smalltime grift...That is not clear, and may not, in fact, be the case in any significant way...Thus, I have revised the post and removed that.
Updatiest....Dermod Travis hypothesizes on the possible 'motivation' for the small time grift.



Anonymous said...

Go after the little stories so that public thinks if theres a bigger story it would be covered already?

Anonymous said...

Hey wait a minute is V Palmer reading his own stuff in paper.?
closed loop?

Anonymous said...

Here is a prediction; as the whole issue of "pay- to- play" and election scandal gains traction, global T.V.'s
political spin-master with the unruly red hair will be brought into play. It happens whenever Clark and the Liberals are cornered and need an escape/distraction/spin from a supposedly "credible" political authority and T.V. personality. And it is all done with a straight face without any hint of shame or hope of any investigative follow up. Part of the requirements of being a member of "the club" I guess.

Anonymous said...

The maximum political tax credit is $500 per person (or business) per year. As I see it, the dark money scam works this way. Businesses make payments to lobbyists, for lobbying. The lobbyists buy pay-to-play Liberal Fundraiser tickets, which is a political donation. Lobbyist gets no political tax benefit because lobbyist has already given beyond the maximum to get a tax credit. The clients of the lobbyist get access to government when they use the tickets purchased by the lobbyist and attend the fundraiser. Business gets a tax deduction for the service rendered by the lobbyist.

Paul Ramsey said...

All that does is transfer the tax liability from the corporation to the lobbyist. If the lobbyist attempts to cover the difference by padding the bill to the corporation, then the liability flows back to the corporation. It's not a tax scheme, it's a transparency scheme, it allows the corporation to buy face time (and perhaps good will) without showing up publicly as a "political actor", and vice versa insulates the politician from "X donated to you and you did Y for X" accusations of exactly the sort the BC Liberals have been suffering from of late.

RossK said...

Thanks all...

I'm going to revise the post as my 'individual donor stat' padding comment was a variation on the transparency scheme.


Anonymous said...

UBER announcement meant to distract from "gathering plume of smoke" of connection in donations bonfire of the vanities?

North Van's Grumps said...

The BC Lobbyist Website's 'Who's Lobbying Who' category states time and place and topic of lobbying with whom on behalf of ...


and correlating that info against ElectionsBC FRPC category on Highest $ contributed via a Mark Jiles as one example .... may give a hint on who doesn't want to reveal to the public as being a donor to the BC Liberal Party


Norm Farrell said...

Yes, and today Keef was quick to deem the taxi regulation a wedge issue.

He can't report on BC Hydro's lies about consumption growth and surplus power dumped outside BC.

He can't report on billions more than market price paid to independent power producers.

He can't report on years of corrupt political funding.

He can't tell us about the disappearance of gas industry revenues, covered up by accounting trickery.

No, somehow, we can't examine a transportation issue that needs to be solved and has arguments pro and con. It has to be a wedge issue where people take one side or another and wage partisan wars.

I'm left wondering. Do these ancient press gallery found-ins have any modicum of journalistic ambition remaining?

RossK said...


My guess is that the main ambition is to do everything they can to maintain their status as 'Insiders' of access.

Evil or otherwise.

(the access the seek to keep, I mean)


Anonymous said...

I'm left wondering. Do these ancient press gallery found-ins have any modicum of journalistic ambition remaining?

The ambition lies with desires of a position at BC Hydro or BC Ferries!

It's called padding the nest.


RossK said...

Excellent follow-on point TB


Anonymous said...

Favorite Christy song?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I, and a great many others I should think, are offended by Ms. Tomlinson's insinuation.

Lew said...

Flake news.

RossK said...


I admire the way Ms. Tomlinson works as a reporter, which is to go after the low-hanging fruit first.

Thus, I have no problem with the fact that she went after the small time grift first.

However, throughout her initial story there was this weird 'both-sides' vibe that was generated without evidence.

This then swelled on the Twittmachine which, I presume, contributed to Ms. Tomlinson making her plea.

However, I'm not sure if she realized that this was pretty close to a 'Make the bast*rd deny it'- type smear, which is something that Horgan had to face off the top during his interview with Jon McComb yesterday morning.


Bill said...

Deflection, Green interference and piling on, tag team both siderisim by the captured MSM (print, radio and TV... all the usual suspects).. all designed and coordinated to deflect away from the caught again self interested Pirates and their outliers. Cue Brad Zubyk, Keith, Vaughn and friends... and the Green Troll - blame the NDP and minimize the scope of this long running scandal.

In comparing the scope of the problem between the Pirate Liberals and the BC NDP... well the devil is in the details.

John Horgan in a first response looking at possible infractions of their political contributions said that it looked like perhaps about $10,000 may be in question and has stated that indeed if not in compliance well then it would be corrected and refunded. The NDP amount is a very small amount relative to the total contributions taken in and on the face of it does seem more of an innocent error than a coordinated pay-to-play scam.

In contrast the 'connected' corporations and high rolling 'connected' representative lobbyists have a well oiled influence scheme running on 12 cylinders, The Pirate contributions raised dwarf those of the BC NDP. The Liberals total suspect funds dwarfs (in the $millions) the $10,000 figure of the NDP. This is a false equivalency, to attack the NDP is to efend the indefensible Liberal Pirates. No surprise that Weaver 'weasels'.

Horgan and the NDP want this all to be stopped. They want honest democracy. Christy and crew are only interested in their own power.

Elections BC clearly has not been doing their job (again). Incompetent or corrupt... looks like a good bit of both from the cheap seats.

This pay-to-play Ponzi Pirate government needs to be sunk.

Anonymous said...

What The