Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This Just In! BC Liberal Wizard Says Premier Actually...

....Believes In Something.

Meanwhile, Ms. Huntington, who has actually demonstrated, for real, that she believes in more than expediency, had the following to say to the Globe's Justine Hunter:

...“Isn’t it a masterful piece of deflection?” said Ms. Huntington, whose (own) proposed bill would cap individual donations, ban union and corporate donations, and add a residency requirement for donors...


Ms. Huntington's bill sure does sound a lot like Ms. Notley's in Alberta, not to mention Mr. Horgan's right here at home.

Of course, in a demonstration of the quislingfication of Mr. Weaver, there was a non-government bill that Ms. Clark was happy to support this week.

Which has some wondering if a last minute Sterk-like ad campaign, a la 2013, has already been bought and paid for for the good Mr. Weaver?

After all, it's not like the BC Liberal wizards don't have the cash for it.

Cue Mr. Jackson....Again (cause they can sell us anything!).
And, just in case you missed it....Liar! Liar! Pants On.....You guessed it!



Lew said...

"Premier believes it should be done independent of parties."

Sure. According to her rules, 4-8 years from now IF she's re-elected.

Now that Spectra Energy is no more, Brad has himself a new Managing Director, Government Affairs. Guess that's how he knows what the good Premier thinks.

Anonymous said...

But wait..thers more!

B.C. Liberals' reason for not changing election laws 'astonishing', lawyer says - B.C. Liberals claim passing bill on campaign finance reform now would lead to constititional challenges

Anonymous said...

Sterk! I remember that!

Anonymous said...

But wait.. Thers more!

B.C. Liberals' reason for not changing election laws 'astonishing', lawyer says - B.C. Liberals claim passing bill on campaign finance reform now would lead to constititional challenges

e.a.f. said...

I'm sure there would be constitutional challenges, just as soon as the B.C. lieberls has one of their friends set that up. They will use the American line of "corporations are people".

"believes it should be done independent of parties", you betcha. the B.c. lieberals will select those who are "independent of parties" and then it will bring forward new rules, which are "independent of parties" and favour the B.c. LIebeals.

This woman spent more time fund raising than she ever did doing her job she was elected to do. We can see the results with 8 dead kids under her watch. Nice going Christy. Lets hope you enjoy your $12M. that works out to about $1.5M per child. Was it worth it Christy?

Crankypants said...

Even if the proposed panel was chosen in a non-partisan fashion and did their thing there is no guarantee that anything would change. This panel would generate a non-binding report and it would still be left to the politicians to decide the rules of engagement.

It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, a specialty of Christie & Co.

North Van's Grumps said...

Ms. Huntington??? Its unfortunate that MLA Huntington had to reveal that it was her IT researcher in the BC Legislature that found the BC Liberal Party's spreadsheet online and not the BC NDP. Unfortunate, because for the past eight years of being an MLA Ms. Huntington has had the same IP address and totally secret from other politicians.

With her stepping up and allowing Mike Smyth to name her name, ... and the BC Liberals having tracked all visitors IP Addresses to their website, the BC Liberals can now look back and find out how many OTHER times they were being 'checked out' by Vicki's IT guy.

Or... they already knew that Vicki had seen their excel database

RossK said...


Well, well, well, whaddy'a know...

Wizard 1 and Wizard 2!



And we do too.

Remember the Wizards pushing the Greens in 2013, after, of course, the BC-Cons 'collapsed'.





Have there been any Charter challenges, whatsoever, in other Canadian jurisdictions that have dealt with this issue by legislation?

Perhaps someone should ask Mr. Wilkinson that in Question period tomorrow, given that he is, we can only assume, a Linda Reid-proof'minister'.


Anonymous said...

1 minute BC video must see