Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Kinder, Gentler Gilead?


'The Stream' is a website that describes itself thusly:

The Stream is a rich and reliable source for breaking news, analysis, and inspiration. A champion for life, freedom, and unity in the Body of Christ, The Stream was launched to equip Christians to think clearly about the moral, political, and economic issues of the day...


The Executive Editor of 'The Stream' is a fine fellow named Jay W. Richards:

Jay W. Richards, Ph.D., is the Executive Editor of The Stream. He is also the William E. Simon senior research fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society...


Many of the other very fine folks who write for 'The Stream' also have close ties to the Heritage Foundation.

The point being that the 'The Stream' is well ensconced within the mainstream of what has become contemporary American conservative thought.


With that said, the following is from a recent piece in 'The Stream' written by two finest of the fine fellows with exemplary contemporary American conservative bonafides named Jason Jones and John Zmirak titled "Once The Law Protects Unborn Kids, Should We Seek Legal Penalties For Women Who Abort Them?":

...We don’t want to criminally prosecute women who illegally abort. Nor do we want to shrug and wink, as if women were all hapless victims, or abortion weren’t really a monstrous crime, as it is....


...Women won’t go to prison. But they will face the real deterrent of a short but mandatory psychiatric custody, and mandated counseling. God willing that will prove helpful to women after the devastating destruction that is abortion...


Mandatory psychiatric custody...

What is that, exactly, if not prison?



Trailblazer said...

The Afghanistan Taliban said they would be kinder and more gentle until they weren't.

Trying to win hearts and mind, I suspect!


Anonymous said...

Back before my parents gave up on dragging their heathen son to church, we were taught that God formed man from a lump of clay, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being (Genesis 2:7).  To say that life begins when a sperm touches an egg is to say man, not God, has created life.  And that is vanity, a mortal sin.  A fetus in the womb has never drawn the breath of life.  It cannot be murdered because it has never lived. 

But, the racist churches needed an issue to bring Catholics and Evangelicals together for political reasons related to funding their white religious schools. We'll see how serious they are when I can take out a life insurance policy on a fetus.

Lulymay said...

Thou shalt not have an abortion but I still demand that I should be able to refuse a vaccine that will save the lives of people who are already alive and living in the community I reside in. Kind of reminds me of that well known quote that goes something like "let them eat cake" doncha think?

Isn't it wonderful that in all of this religious jingo, men can still impregnate females without ANY repercussions???

Grant G said...

Good afternoon Mr. K..

Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss.


e.a.f. said...

Yes, those people sound like the American Taliban. Oh, and russia. They have placed people in mental hospitals for not agreeing with the state. at one time men could place their inconvient wives and daughters in mental hospitals. You could still do in in B.C. in the 1960s if you knew the right people, Then they changed the law.

I don't agree with killing people for political reasons, but those who you quote, I'd sure work them over with a base ball bat if they ever tried to put a woman into a mental instituion for having an abortion.

e.a.f. said...

Lulymay, great comment. it reminds me of Gov. Abbott of Texas who said they were going to eliminate rap so there would be no need to have abortions because you were raped. I'm still laughing at his statment. They guy is an idiot. Most American states haven't even entered the DNA of rapists into their data base--not enough money they say. So if they don't catch rapists, how will they stop rape?

Women are seen by politicians still as second class citizens and these anti choice laws are designed to control women and after that other groups. We are seeing it in sports with transgender people--they can't compete, its pushing them into the margins.

Many point out women are involved in anti choice legislation. This is true and as some of us remember when women first rose to higher positiions in corporations, we had a term for some of them, "queen bees". Many of those want to be "queen bees" and/or be part of the "boys club". They think that will give them some power. What they don't want to realize, they only have power because the "boys" let them have it.

Anonymous said...

Found the source of 'The Stream'

Keith said...

And while the conservative/republican/right wing god fearers are advocating for the unborn, they are at the same time ensuring that the worlds #1 mass killers of children and their teachers are the the worlds best equipped with all the firepower they need.