Thursday, June 30, 2022

Towers, In West Point Grey?


We're talking about the old Safeway site on W. 10th between Sasamat and Tolmie.

And it's not just a proposal for towers, but a decent amount of below market rental as well.

Could it actually happen?

Well, as noted by the intrepid City Duo duo, based on the first public hearing where folks did not go completely NIMBY bonkers it just might....maybe...potentially, perhaps, possibly....happen:
...(B)y the time I arrived at this church the line to get in stretched for about a hundred feet. Luckily the time went by pretty quickly, and often I would hear those leaving remark they had already taken part in the virtual presentation the night prior, and just came to ask a question. Still, I was certainly surprised by what I saw when I got into this room...


...Do not get me wrong, many were quite unhappy to see these two 14 floor towers, and even the 5 floor podium had some saying this was way too tall. Yet almost everyone I observed was willing to hold their noises and support this form as it meant their neighbourhood would once again have a grocery store. Like one person stated, the only reason they missed living in Fairview was because it was such an active area.

Others feared this would eventually lead to these blocks being transformed into something that resembled Cambie Street. This group concluded they could accept this project as it replaced the old Safeway, but firmly believed plans for a six floor rental building proposed at 10th and Highbury was completely out of place. That said, city council’s decision to route the UBC SkyTrain through the Jericho Lands was warmly received, as it meant there wouldn’t be one located at Sasamat...

This could be interesting and, potentially, a good thing.



Graham said...

I see that those folks are getting fairly reasonable tower heights compared to other places along the new over priced skytrain line.
At Broadway and Granville there is going to be a 39 floor tower.

e.a.f. said...

A grocery store would be good. the two towers aren't that high at 14 floors, although I'd prefer 10 stories, but 4 more floors provides more housing. Makes sense.

Given there aren't a lot of high rises in the area, its a good start. If done properly,, all will be happy and at least its not far from beaches.

NVG said...

Interesting, the pdf document for the project includes the shadows created by the structure over the course of the year

Page 7 of 28

Project Site, Bus Stop, B-Line, Bike Lanes, Future Skytrain Line, Potential Skytrain Station

Page 18 of 28

Shadow Study
Equinox (March 21st & Sept 21st) 10:00 AM; 12:00 PM; 2:00 PM;

Summer Solstice (June 21st) 10:00 AM; 12:00 PM; 2:00 PM;

Page 19 of 28

Massing Diagrams, which includes Views and Light

"The terracing of the mass follows the angle of the Sun to not block sun light and views for the residents on W 9th Ave. It also means the street profile along W 9th stays low and appropriate for the corner."