Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Campaign Day 15....The Greatest Place On Earth To Board-Up Public Housing


It's easy to figure out where Gordon Campbell will be campaigning today, Apr 28, 2009.

But what about the opposite?

In other words, where will Gordon Campbell make sure he doesn't show up today?



One place we're pretty sure the Premier of British Columbia won't be is the now boarded-up Little Mountain Public Housing complex located smack-dab in the heart of Vancouver (ie. not Detroit City or Flint Michigan).

Why are we pretty sure about that?

Well, because Mr. Campbell, together with his 'new' Solicitor General/Top Cop Rich Coleman, has so far kicked out more than 200 families and boarded up their homes for no good reason at all.

Unless, of course you consider being bamboozled by a Condo King whose plan was to take the area from 100% down to 11% affordable (ie. by cranking up the million dollar 'market' units to 89% from zero) a "good reason".

But even if you do, it doesn't matter now.


Because the sweet-heart deal for the CondoKing has fallen through, or at the very least is 'on hold', and nobody, not even the members of the Premier's inner circle, knows seems to know anything about anything.

Except that the children don't live there anymore.


Have an idea or three about places the Premier won't be showing up in the coming days?....Leave us a message on the comment thread, or, if you prefer complete off-line anonymity you can always send an email to: pacificgazette@yahoo.ca
Here's the link to the (now former) Little Mountain tenants' site...
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