Friday, April 10, 2009

How Much Would A New Roof For BC Place Really Cost?


Yesterday, I wrote about the self interest-assisted Wurlitzering that's going on over at the TEAM 1040 (the local Lotuslandian 'All-Sports' Radio Station) re: The Evil NDP and their nefarious plans to maybe try and save some of the $365 million dollars of public money that Gordon Campbell's friends and political uncles want to spend on refurbishing BC Place Stadium.


Let's leave the ridiculous claim that a spiffed-up BC Place would bring in an extra $100 million dollars in revenue, per year (???!!!), aside for the moment.

And instead, let's just focus on the $365 million price tag.

A price tag, of course, that will be paid by you and me......

I mean, how do we, with any confidence whatsoever, know what the real cost will be?

After all, this white elephant/giant trash bag cover is being constructed by that great cost-estimator in the BC Liberal Machine's Blood-Red-Ink-Sky known as 'PAVCo'.

What the heck is 'PAVCo' you might be wondering?

Why, they are the fine folks that built the new Vancouver Convention Center.

You know, that very fine space that Fred Lee has described as a gigantic 'Cactus Club', that came in at $400 million dollars OVER budget.

So, again, I ask....

How much money, exactly, is it really going to cost us to put a new tarpaulin over the giant marshmallow downtown?

Look. The BC Liberals and their Cheerleading CorpMedia enablers (ie. the 'TEAM' is actually owned by BellGlobeTSNChumRDS/EverythingElseMedia) know what they're doing on this one....It's a potential wedge issue they're attempting to manufacture here....And we all know how much Mr. Gordon Campbell hyperventilates over wedge issues and/or loves giving wedgies to anybody who gets in his way come election time.....
For anybody who's really wondering, I did a day-by-day analysis of BC Place dates/year not long ago....Add in the 20 extra WhiteCap dates and there is still no way you get even close to an extra $100 million in revenue per annum in my estimation......
Oh, and don't forget the Condo-King factor in this deal as well.... Now do you see where this is really going, and why convincing us to vote against our own best interests (again) is so important to GordCo?
Man.....Maybe what we really need 'round here is a home grown version of Thomas Frank to call our own.....


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