Friday, February 08, 2013

Hijinks I Tell You...Hijinks!


C. climbed in the cigar tube with our good friend M. this afternoon so that the two of them could wing their way East into the teeth of a blizzard.


Because they're going to Montreal to visit Bigger E.

Which means that the long weekend brought to us all by the 'Loyal Order of Vote Buying' will consist of just me, the Whackadoodle and littler e, at our house at least.


Do you think we can each down an entire can of that whipped cream stuff  that is stuffed into those compressed air-loaded cans?

Pictures to follow.




Chris said...


Chris said...

With theme music.

RossK said...

Oh Boy.

You have no idea what you may have just wrought!


Anonymous said...

In the 'Spirit of Fun' and...

February 9, 1964:
The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show

Anonymous said...

What the hey! We regularly 'decorate' our two young grandchildren with whipped cream much to the laughter and hilarity. Never mind the desserts it is actually meant for. And never missing a chance for a 'teachable moment' we even make our own with the mixers beaters being fought over by kids and adults for licking (clean). Even more fun shaking heavy cream for butter making to put on the muffins just hot out of the oven. Mom's away - time to 'play'. It is what they remember - the 'fun' things.

Thanks for this Ross


Chris said...

Don't forget to keep records for

a. style (


b. distance (

RossK said...

You people are incorrigible!

(in a very good way, indeed)


kootcoot said...

Now don't ya'll be sniffing the gas off and leaving the cream (or whatever) stranded in the can, or I'll tell on yuall!

Unknown said...

C. : "1 litre of fresh whip cream in fridge if the can runs out"

RossK said...

Uh oh.