Friday, February 15, 2013

This Day In Snookland....Governance By Facebook.


Earlier in the week the BC NDP released an internal Snooklandian Jobs-Ad document that demonstrates their craveness in spades.

How did Ms. Clark respond?

Thusly, according to Andrew MacLeod of The Tyee:

...Clark said the campaign has successfully promoted the BC Jobs Plan Facebook site. "A million people visiting the (government jobs plan) site, that's confirmation the ads are working," she said. "These ads are connecting people with jobs. Despite the fact we're getting into an election season, I am still determined to govern the province."...


There you have it.

According to the mandateless (not)Premier of this province:

Facebook Hits = Governance


Kind of explains a whole lot, eh?

As for the million hit march itself...I find this to be an interesting claim in the extreme given the fact that just a couple of weeks ago the Minister Responsible For Facebook, Mr. Pat Bell was crowing that the site was doing fantabulously because it's traffic had tripled from a base of 8K per hits per week to 28K in response to the millions and millions of real dollars paid for those to me, even at 30K hits per week from, say, Halloween there haven't yet been enough weeks  to get anywhere near a million...Maybe someone in the press corp could ask Ms. Clark to actually show them the money.....errrr....hits.



Anonymous said...

I have reported it as spam and will continue to do so each and every time it appears.
How dare this government invade my personal page without being asked. Quit shoving things down our throats you arrogant, thieving, lying bunch. We've had enough of your shenanigans and enough of your wasteful spending of our tax dollars(payroll and other fees) which has increased beyond belief since '01, and become a burden in our household.

Hugh said...

Are they talking about new jobs in advertising?

Why not cancel the Pacific Carbon Trust? That would free up $18 million per year, so they could hire some teachers and healthcare workers.

Anonymous said...