Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Day In Snookland....Pammy And Christy's Trillion Dollar Sparkle Ponies


Of course, OIC-appointed 'Directors Of Outreach' who appear to be doing little more than fronting-up for Wizard-constructed pom-pom clubs don't have to stand up in question period and explain, let alone defend, their codswallop.

But that doesn't mean the proMedia won't run with it, pretty much derision-free, anyway.


Of course, enquiring minds really want to know if Pammy's Ponies have any of that ol' time PB  'swagger'...



cfvua said...

Understanding that her job isn't anything to do with facts, the lowliest of low BC liberals even know that none of that is possible without an increase in royalties. Royalties which through their incredible generosity have been returned to producers through subsidies. Global shows the new Dawson gas plant that was fabricated out of province, trucked in by outsiders and installed by outsiders. So if these are the jobs they talk about, well there aren't any. For BC residents anyway.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Maybe Pamela was thinking of episode 11 of Bonanza in which Bobby Dan, speaking to Salty Hubbard says, "We've been listening to your stories for 15 years and we don't believe none of them."

Anonymous said...

BC jobs being given to Chinese, Americans, who know 's who else....not to BC folks....what's the matter Christy...we're not good enough....or perhaps, you know that the election is a lost cause....and your going to stick it to us one more time before you get tossed out of office...

RossK said...


And to hear the (not)Premier stamping her feet while on with the Cluffmaster this morning as she started to rave on about how all these LNG decisions have to be made immediately had my bullshite detector (cronycapitalist deluxe edition) wailing at infinity plus a trillion decibels.



You and I both know Salty Hubbard

And our Ms. Martin is no Salty Hubbard.

Or Nancy Drew for that matter.



I take it you are not interested in the sparkle ponies on offer.

Perhaps Ms. Martin could you interest you in rainbows?


Eleanor Gregory said...

Now I understand the Nancy Drew reference! Another Pamela (Sue) Martin starred in the tv (sort of) series. That was after the intense Nancy Drew phase of my life in which I was caught up reading the books. I didn't watch the tv shows.

RossK said...

littler e. loves the books too...Which led to a more recent TeeVee series...which led to the old TeeVee series...

None of which, to the best of my knowledge, contain any sparkle ponies whatsoever.


Scotty on Denman said...

Like a lottery commercial...
...like, "I need a vacation!"

Soon come, Pam, soon.

paul said...

What a great, head-spinning string of comments.