Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Does The 'Mandate' Explain It?


The denials, quite a few of them non-denial denials actually, are flying fast and furious from both the mandateless (not)Premier and her soon to be (not)Jobs Minister regarding this Prince George Wood Centre thing.

Here is just one such denial, reported by CKNW's Sean Leslie:

...Media reports indicate two local businessmen filed a complaint alleging (Jobs Minister Pat) Bell tried to improperly influence the bidding process (for the Wood Centre) after promising they would be on the short list for the final contract.

Bell denies the claim.
"There was never any promises made by me or anyone else in our government in fact there was a process followed, it's an arms-length process that's being managed by a project board. There was a complaint made to an individual who's been assigned with monitoring this process. She's reported out and suggested that the process should be completed and the tender awarded."...

But here's the thing.

According to the original CBC News report this morning it is not the 'process' itself that is at issue but rather what was done (or not) prior to that process being initiated. One can only wonder if that distinction explains the following, also form the original CBC report:

...(The lawyer monitoring the fairness of the bidding process, Jane) Shackell’s report, however, found the bidding process had been conducted fairly. But she also acknowledged that there were concerns raised by (the complainants) McLaren and Fehr that didn't fall within her mandate to investigate...

You see where I'm coming from now?

Another little tidbit in Mr. Leslie's report....Mr. Bell said that he 'can't remember' meeting the complainants...Sure thing...After all, why would Mr. Bell meet with a couple of fine fellows who have donated, again according to the original CBC report, approximately $125,000 to his political party since 2006...
And,  I'm telling you....Whenever I hear there is another fairness advisor/monitor watching over a Campbell/Clark government bidding process, my cultish ears sure do perk up...Why?....Well....You know....



Anonymous said...

In my book just having to have a "fairness advisor" means something stinks! And im sure the advisor is a Liberal appointed H___k need I say more.

James King said...

Kinda reminds one, once again, of those codicils, qualifications and exceptions noted in the Charles River Report...Mary would have been all over this, there must be 'something' about the way they do business in PG.

RossK said...


Well, to her credit, this particular advisor did make it clear what was outside her mandate


Absolutely...Thought of Mary as soon as I read about this.


North Van's Grumps said...

Maybe the three companies that were short listed put up more money over the long term:

Total Contribution For This Search:

$133,489.00 from PCL Westcoast Constructors 1057 Inc.


The Three companies shortlisted:

Maple Reinders/Cree

WIC Design + Build

PCL Westcoast Constructors 1057 Inc.

Anonymous said...

And did you see today's post on AGT's blog?


The fairness advisor is indeed a Liberal insider appointee!
Goodness, won't they ever learn?