Friday, March 01, 2013

Breaking...Apparently Someone 'Way Down The Chain' in Snookland Has Resigned.


Of course...

It's Ms. Haakstad.

At least according to the VSun's JFowlie on the Twittmachine.


Ms. Clark's statement from an hour ago is alreay null and void.

Like we have noted numerous times over the last weeks and months, the (not)Premier really will...

'Say Anything!'

(and then, as expected, she runs for cover)

Off Topic (but not really)...The things we wonder about....Who won the pro-pundit-pool (hour and minute), and, how much?



Eleanor Gregory said...

Seems appropriate in the circumstances to quote or paraphrase the late Sir Winston Churchill: "In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times. "

Anonymous said...

Does Christy EVER not LIE????
its unbelievable the stuff that comes out of her mouth, and then she starts spewing the BS about "managing the economy" while the Liberal party is crashing and burning! like I said UNFRICKEN BELIEVABLE

RossK said...


I most definitely hear you.



Ms. Clark is not called the 'Say Anything' (not)Premier for nothing.