Friday, March 01, 2013

Is It Possible That Mr. Brown's Memory Really Is Faulty?


Friday morning ouef-on-visage update....Ya...I get it!...Mr. Brown had another op-ed in VSun today...What can I say?...I write ahead...And this post got pushed back given the Snooklandian molten-meltdown over the past few days...I'll have more to say about Mr. Brown's latest later (thanks for the heads-up to reader Bill)

Mr. Martyn Brown was former BC Liberal Party Premier Mr. Gordon Campbell's longterm chief-of-staff throughout the entire the Golden Era.

Unfortunately, when called to the stand during the soon to be aborted Railgate Trial in 2010, Mr. Brown's memory failed him.

More recently, however, many have noted that Mr. Brown's memory has improved dramatically in his newfound role as an author and a pundit.

To wit, from Mr. Brown's latest, this time in the Georgia Strait:

"...Whether the issue of fiscal management will even be much of a factor in the upcoming election is a debatable point. I doubt it will, no matter what size of deficit Dix envisions in the NDP platform, or how much the Liberals rightly fixate on fiscal and economic management as their strongest suit. Yet despite the government’s relatively impressive fiscal and economic track record vis-à-vis virtually any other province, it will be hard pressed to overcome its credibility and trust deficit, as evidenced by recent opinion polls..."


To put it bluntly, regarding that last bit about the Mr. Brown's BC Liberal Party Government's 'relatively impressive fiscal and economic record vis-a-vis virtually any other province' compared to the record of the NDP..




Bill said...

Hi Ross thanks for all the insights and links.

Yes, Mr Brown seems to have regained his memory since the (non)elected Premier moved in. ?Has he seen the light and self-resurrected? Or is it just that he now wants to take the high ground in his attack of all things Christy?

In a very insightful op-ed in the Van Sun today, his crystal clear recollections and analysis on negative political advertising and campaign attack strategy could not be more timely, truthfull and telling.

He rightly skewers Christie's spendthrift campaigning with the tax payers money and Jim Shepards CCforBC negative attack advertising and the NDPs positive stance taking the high ground.


RossK said...


Four words....