Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Extremist


David Frum, why do you hate Canada so much?

"....Many Americans see Canada as a kind of utopian alternative to the United States: a North American democracy with socialized medicine, same-sex marriage, empty prisons, strict gun laws and no troops in Iraq.

What they don't see is how precarious political support for this alternative utopia has become among Canadian voters in recent years. From World War II until the 1980's, Liberal power rested on two political facts: its dominance in French-speaking Quebec and its popularity in the immigrant communities of urban Ontario...."

Nice try Davey boy.


I wonder.... when you type this type of drivel are the words in your head all soft-boiled and low-pitched like when you pretend to be a moderate on your Mom's old (socialized) public broadcasting network?

The facts of the matter are these Mr Frum, and despite your extreme weasel words you darn well know them:

1) Every time that Canadians have been asked in the last 40 years, with very rare exception, Universal (spell it Mr. Frum "U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L", which means... You or I, or our Rich Uncle, our Poor Neighbour, can walk in to any clinic or any hospital from sea to shining sea in this country and get treated....try doing that down in that 'free' market privateHMO Rationland where you currently hang your two-holed hat) Health Care has been the number one priority of all the people regardless whether they are Anglophone, Francophone, Allophone or Bananaphone.

2) Same-sex marriage....if it is really a Quebequois-Assisted Liberals-Holding-Us-All-Hostage issue, why have seven, count 'em seven, Provinces, many of whom are not under the thumb of Liberal governments, already ratified it, with more on the way (for those down south out of the loop we only have 10 provinces).

3) If Immigrant Communities are responsible for our gun laws, our low murder rates, our low crime rates, and our low incarceration rates, at least in comparison with those parts of your Paymasters' Country that are not yet behind Gates, Locks, Keys, MinuteMaidMen, and Private Security Armies, well thank the Goddess for 'em, although I have a sneaking suspicion it might actually have more to do with our universal (there's that word again Dave), very longterm appreciation of peace, order and good government that is definitely not exclusively Liberal-o-centric.

4) And as for No Troops in Iraq (and no intergalactic Space-Weaponizing Empire Missiles in our Starry Eyes either - you missed that one Dave, you're slippin'), do you not think it might have had something to do with the fact that our leaders actually listened, both to us when we took to the streets in the hundreds of thousands, and to their colleagues when they made a big fuss in the House of Commons, both in Committee Rooms and in Question Period?

You remember that last messy concept Dave, right? It's called Democracy. Or have you forgotten all about it since you threw your lot in with the PNACkian Destabilization King, the Prince of Darkness himself, Richard Perle?

And one last thing Dave. Couldn't help but notice that you let the good burghers reading your NYT Op-Ed piece yesterday know that you are simultaneously a very fine fellow of the AEI down there (why don't you guys just go for broke and start calling yourselves 'scholars' anyway Dave - or is that considered too intellectupouffy for y'all in all your cloisteredness?) and a columnist for the (very rightside) National Post up here.

Which is all well and good, as far as it goes, but couldn't help but wonder - again.....Why did you leave your affiliation with the Dark Prince off this time around when as recently as three weaks ago you were trumpeting it everywhere you possibly could, including in the pages of the very same New Pravda?

Could it be that you smell those times they are a changin' , or is it just that you have a very keen nose for that truffle-filled job in an RNC-assisted Stevie Harpoon War Room?
If the latter is the case, I have only one thing to say.....

Bring it on, Dave, Bring... It....On.

And bring all your metaphorical Axes with you

Because we'd be glad to take care of those with reason, fact and argument as well (preferably before they can be used to help kill, again).


Update: Koby has a good take on this over at Jim Elve's place which has elicited lots of good discussion. Point is, this is not America bashing. Frum is one of ours, and we have the tools to stop him.
DoubleSecretProbationUpdate: Timmy the G. pulls no punches!


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