Saturday, April 23, 2005

Shiny New Things.....


....Can Be Blogs Too.

And Mark's Section 15 is clearly one of them.

Not to mention very, very good as well. His analysis of the latest developments re: Conrad The Marauder's downfall is especially excellent:

"...Regardless of the exact details, it appears that Tubby is reaching the bottom of the barrel, and is about to resort to wearing it.

Yes, I think little of the man. Look at him: Born into privilege, he's a grown up rich kid who's first known business transactions were selling stolen exams to fellow students at Upper Canada College. He was expelled for it. For whatever reason, no one of importance seems to have ever taken a hint from that. Having mismanaged a score of businesses in the 1980s, including Dominion, from which he raided the workers' pension fund for a whopping $62 million before selling the company, he moved on to to temporarily dominate Canada's newspaper publishing sector, all the while pillfering Hollinger inc. Famously, he obsessively pursued his peerage, finally having to reliquish his Canadian citizenship to get it (I actually liked Jean Chretien there for about 15 minutes)."


And for Robert Broughton et al., Mark has some interesting and really positive takes on Green Issues as well.


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