Monday, April 11, 2005



Just returned from a forced march* to Canuckistan's own Private Idaho......errrrr.... Texas.

Which is otherwise known as Alberta.

It's a place where the National Post (our own sorta, kinda like Financial/Washingtoon Times) is considered pink-tinged.

It's also one of the last places in North America where, if you go out with friends you get back to your hotel room stinking, stinking, stinking.


Because smoking is allowed.

Double Why?

Because the Premier, Ralph 'Tryin' His Best to Be ShrubNorth' Klein, would have nothing to do if he couldn't go out and smoke and drink everynight.

Sound crazy?

Well not if you realize that this is the neandercon blowhard who once got plastered and had his handlers drive him to a homeless shelter so that he could throw money on the floor and berate the residents for being out of a job.

All of which would be laughable in the extreme except for the fact that King Ralph is a truly dangerous man who would kill Universal Health Care retroactively if he could get away with it.
(warning, last link to Canada's own miniAEI, the Fraser Instapuke).

* OK, no marching involved, but was forced to fly WestJet, which is practically the same thing (for South of 49'er readers think SouthWest divided by 1000 on the service side of the ledger).

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