Monday, April 18, 2005

The Empire Strikes Back


Back in the days when it first went pseudo-National, the Toronto Globe swallowed up John A. Macdonald's old house organ, the Empire and Mail.

That happened in 1936.

So don't go thinking that all of this media consolidation stuff is something new.

And don't think that, if it finds itself threatened in a market, that the Empire won't push back.

Which we figure has to be at least part of the reason why those wily BellGlobeMedians went out and hired the even wilier Gary Mason to put together a four page BC-centric puffstravaganza that fronts the Sports Section every Saturday.

But why so much pufferey (and even more former sportshackery) when we on the WetCoast already have Cluffie?

Because 'round here Fluff clearly sells.

Or, more precisely, sells ads.

As evidence we offer up Exhibits #2,478, #2,479 and #2,480, otherwise known as the shamefully vacuous Dose, Metro and 24*.

No wonder we are doomed, not to mention so easily manipulated by the Republican-inspired BigRedMachineWarRoom.

*The fact that Erin Airton is one of Exhibit #2,480's star columnists probably explains why we've been getting sucked into so many of her fabulous fans' Google bombs recently. At least we assume they are being generated by fans.....
Update: Paul Willcocks mentioned the Liberal's War Room on his very interesting segment with Rafe this a.m. Hope he's going to follow up on that and give us details, names, and a money trail in future columns.


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