Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Payppet Masters


The former employers of Canada's so-called Ambassador to the U.S. have gone yard:

"This week, Carlyle Group announced it had raised $10-billion (U.S.) from institutional investors eager to profit from its consistent rates of return in the hotly contested North American and European buyout markets."

Sure, Frank McKenna's cheques are not being signed by Carlyle at this very moment, but it is hard to believe that dreams of future big payoffs don't come to him, say, while he's watching the water swirl down the bathtub drain every night.

After all, the Carlyle Group is a multiply-malignant-multinat that loves to buy-off former politicians and political operatives such that they can placate the local populace and grease the wheels for sovereignty-busting venture deals that service no one but the corporate consortium itself.

Case in point, Naomi Klein's recent smackdown of a James Baker-engineered attempt to play both sides against the middle in Iraqi war crimes reparations settlements with neighboring countries like Kuwait.

So, everytime McKenna opens his cannonball-filled mouth and starts spouting off on issues like missile defense, common perimeters, and sovereignty don't forget to ask yourself the following question.....

Who really benefits?


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