Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Basi/Virk - The Countdown Begins

T-Minus 83 Days

Federal Liberals......Provincial Liberals......Martini Operatives....Former GordCoCabinet Ministers....A man called Spiderman.....Allegations of Fraud.....Corruption....A Billion Dollar Deal.....The Selling Off Of A Crown Jewel.....

And it all begins in 83 days with the scheduled start of the Basi/Virk trial on April 24th.

Will it be a media spectacle that will bring GordCo to its knees, finish off the Martini operatives for good, and make AdScam/Gomery look like peanuts?

Or, will it fizzle with maximal sheep media suppression?

Tough to tell.

But one of the defendants' lawyers, Michael 'Don't Call Me Crooner' Bolton, recently made it clear that his clients are prepared to put the screws to their former employers:

"It is a lengthy and complicated case . . . with many, many major documents (Bolton said). And there will be a large number of witnesses."


And who might those witnesses be?

Can't wait to find out.


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