Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Fun Samcouver


Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan is backpedalling again on his and his minions decision to pull $50K from the upcoming World Peace Forum.

Jeff, brother of not-so crappy Joe, Keighley says it's all about partisan, crush-the-COPE-stuff politics.

Smilin' Sammy says it ain't so. Instead, he says the real problem is that it is not enough money (how's that for pretzel logic?). Thus, he says, Vancouver could be embarrassed by not having enough limos and such for the dignitaries.

To his credit, CBC's Stephen Quinn even pulled out the old Suzanne Anton quote about 'what are we going to do, have them eat at McDonalds?'

Which got us wondering.......does that mean that if and when Sullivan and Anton announce their unqualified support for the upcoming 'World Developers and Landlords Lollapalooza' that we won't be able say:

"Let them eat Big Macs!"




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