Monday, February 06, 2006

Whose Spine Has Been Tapped Anyway?


Seems that a whole bunch of folks on the way right side of the aisle are pretty upset about this crazed pinko-commie David Emerson crossing the floor to join their pure of heart and mind brigade.

In fact, it's turning into a bit of a self-flagellation frenzy.

A good round-up of all these self-inflicted lumbar punctures can be found here.

The thing is, anybody who has been paying attention knows that Mr. Emerson is no liberal.

In fact, if you need convincing all you have to do is read the bio on his (soon to be extinct) Martini-assisted website.

"While completing his doctorate in 1972, David got his first taste of public service working as a researcher for the Economic Council of Canada in Ottawa. In 1975, David's passion for public service brought him to British Columbia, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become the province's Deputy Minister of Finance in 1984.

In 1986, he left government to become President and CEO of the Western and Pacific Bank of Canada in Vancouver. He transformed the bank into the Canadian Western Bank-the only regional bank to survive and prosper."

In other words, scratch the surface of a BC Liberal and what do you smell?


Which, of course, fits the CPC like a glove*

*All parallels to Spinal Tap are entirely intended because, to quote noted brainiac Nigel Tufnel, "It's a thin line betweeen clever and stupid", which we figure isn't far off the mark on this latest move by the Harpoon.


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