Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Careful, ProgRockers!!!



I too have been screaming to high heaven about the miserable state of BC's Ministry of Child and Families for a long , long time.

And, as much as anyone, I'm extremely skeptical/cynical about how the 'new' money announced in today's budget will be used/disbursed.

But now is not the time for progressive spinmeisters and/or legitimately concerned folks to snark at the new money for kids, even if it is not really new.

What I'm really trying to say is.....don't get suckered in by the government whirlitzer workers' attempts to re-frame this issue in their favor.

Because now is the time for us to bite our collective lip and hold off on banging the negatives on this issue for a moment or two.

Instead, we need to be magnanimous to show the public and the waterheads in the superficial electronic media that we can be positive when the government does the right thing (even if they are only pretending). And besides, the focus of the frame that this is the 'Kids' Budget' by the government is actually an admission that we were right and they were wrong.

So take the highroad and let this newscycle go.

And then start hammering them on specifics tomorrow.



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