Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jill Sobule And The 'Regular' Wayne Kramer


I know I'm pre-empting the next edition of 'Saturday Night's Alright For (UkeCover) Fighting!', but I stumbled across this wee bit of absolute fabulousness while scouring the Interwebz searching frantically for new-fangled four-stringed marvelletes.

Anyway, if you don't know Jill Sobule you really should.

For about 37,234,876 reasons, including the fact that it was she who wrote, recorded, and performed the original "I Kissed A Girl".

Jill's stuff can be found (and BOUGHT!*) here.

And don't cry for Jill, Argentina......Why?.....Because, despite the fact that the A&R man who originally signed her later went on to re-work a shinier, waxier piece of newly-minted bubble-bum named Katy Perry, Ms. Sobule has no problem with Kissed-A-Girl, Part Deux.....Why, again?.....Well, as Jill told Jim and Greg of Sound Opinions awhile back, it turns out that she made a whole whack-o-cash due to mistaken I-Tunes downloads after 'Part Deux ' came out 15 years after the fact.....Ha!
*To paraphrase Chicago's 'other' Blog-King, Driftglass....."Pay the 'F-in' musician!"......OK?



Your driver said...

What a great guy Wayne Kramer has turned out to be. I was a White Panther when I was 16. I finally saw him on my 28th birthday. That was 29 years ago next month. I mention all of this because one of the best remedies for feeling old is "Nothing To Prove" by Jill Sobule. Thanks for this.

RossK said...


You're most welcome.

But did you just say you had nothing to prove?

Why, yes.

I believe you....



RossK said...

Oh Boy....

This one is even better.


Your driver said...

Oh brother, I ask you, is that not a grand song? It's my birthday song from now on.

Your driver said...

And while we're on the subject-