Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Busking Year, Week 39....

...Rosie And Me

Yes, that's right.

This time out there are no E.'s and there is no C.

Instead, it's just Rosie and me.

Which means way more ball chasing and way less guitar playing (well, actually, just way less singing).

This time we were over in Great Aunty Bertha territory.....New Brighton Park on the downslope just north of the PNE, right smack up against Vancouver's Harbour next to the Second Narrows bridge.

'Twas fun.


Summer's over.

Oh, and for those that want to get the goods on future Weekend Busking....I've set up one of those Twitter things, here, which I'll do my best to actually use to send out advances.
You can also see all of 'Our Busking Year' videos so far, here.



Anonymous said...


Too bad I missed you. It would have been a good way to spend some of my birthday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

We all seen what happens to a court attendee who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, a sky train station.

Well, I had a similar experience on Thursday.

This trial, the BC Rail one, is going to last at least another ten months, especially at the rate at which the Witnesses keep answering the questions with vague answers.

I was sitting at the local MacDonalds, Georgia and Burrard, the only other one is on Thurlow and Alberni, and its a cramped little space, no gas fireplace either like Burrard and Georgia, beneath the Royal Bank Building.

I was eating my Mac meal of chicken, a medium size coffee, and fries and I look up and notice the guy sitting right opposite me is a Juror from court room 54. "Keep your eyes down matey" and "your mouth shut". It put me right off my meal. I mean I could be kicked out of the public gallery if he recognizes me.

Like I was saying, this trial is at least another ten months in length, the chances of jurors recognizing the public as they go about their daily lives is going to happen, and visa versa.

Can't they partake their meals, at the expense of the courts, and in luxury?

West End Bob said...


Don't tell the "E's, e's nor C's" but this is the best buskin' vid yet, RossK.

(Prob'ly couldn't have anything to do with the fact I'm a dog lover, 'ya think?)

Seriously: Either the editing or the camera work or both were WORKIN' on this one, and it's a treasure . . . .

Anonymous said...

The main stream press have their tape recorders held just so, either on a vacant seat beside them, or in their hand; the Special Prosecutor, Defense lawyer McCullough and or Bolton are seen either standing at their podium (of inquisition) or wandering about... McCullough does the latter a lot..... many a time he gets the jury involved by the .... Witness "please tell the jury" just to let him know that his answer is for the jury ears, not just for himself. Witness: Mr. McCullough, I'm getting quite tired of asking your questions. I've told you over and over again, I can't recall what happened, its so long ago".... and then when asked "how many were with you in the CIBC World Market box at GM Place" the reply comes....."14". 14 is not raised again, but the Witness did say 14, the press doesn't mention it........ Will this be used in the future.....?

The lawyer assistants, not at the podium are staring at laptop computer screens which look like a Word software program with a touch of a Spreadsheet to it which allows window panes to be pulled down and from the sides forming the appearance of being quartered:

"..... Modern technological advances have now made it possible for realtime writers to have one split screen on a monitor showing the witness talking on one side, the attorney asking the questions on another portion of the screen, and the instant written record appearing in another window. This has many advantages including an instant transcript, instant search throughout the transcript for key words or read-back of a witnesses' testimony, and aid for the hearing impaired."

I'm hearing impaired, I have to form one hand into a cup and hold it to one ear, the better of the two, and try and grab hold of the words coming through the air.... with a little assistance of the podiums (Witness and Lawyer) microphones. Oh, but to have a laptop, picking up even one half of the split screen contents.

Madame Justice MacKenzie may be seen "frantically" writing the questions and answers in at her laptop, strange that, you'd think she'd be leaving the recording to an assistant. She'll often interrupt the SP or a Defense Lawyer, asking for clarification of what he was saying....."Could you please break the question down into one at a time instead of asking two questions."

Others, those sitting in the public gallery, have laptops, paper and pencil........and waiting for the main stream media to come out with their writings in print, to then scavenge what was missed fo.r their own "columns"

RossK said...


I'll make sure to let you know directly, in future.

Due to new tap dancing class time, looks like Sundays, early afternoons, are going to be a pretty regular thing.


Thanks Bob--

It's our old busted down Canon point-and-shoot....The light meter's shot so you get weird f-stop effects....But what I really like is the totally flat focus that really screws with the perspective.



(or is it one?)

Thanks tons both for the info and the reportage.