Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Saturday Before The Second Sunday


Sometimes a conflation is just a conflation.

And sometimes it is something more.


Our old level-headed friend Declan points us towards something extremely interesting, which is the possibility that the constant soaking of millions of already willfully ignorant brains in the banality, and the unreality-based vindictiveness, of Sports-Talk Radio may just be helping fuel the stupid that is stuff like the TeaParty 'movement':

"....(H)ere's an excellent article about the (Donovan) McNabb deniers - the description of the bullying and ignorant radio talk show driven attitude taken by those who, for whatever reason, hate former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is reminiscent of a number of political movements currently doing fairly well in elections...."

Now, before your eyes glaze over because you came here looking for the latest RailGate Transgression.....As Declan says:

"Even if you couldn't care less about football (and as I would say, even if you need something to read during the 436th commercial break tomorrow afternoon), it's worth a read for the quality of the writing by Mike Tanier, and the generality of the phenomenon he describes."

And check out the comments.....They are so erudite and so well-informed on arcane matters that include things like the....2nd-and-long tendencies of third string wide-receivers who went vegetarian during their junior year at prep school to run out patterns on turf in cold weather....that it is heartbreaking to consider what would happen to political discourse if folks like this actually scrutinized public figures and their policies in the same manner (see bottom of post).


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