Sunday, September 12, 2010

RailGate For Real...Round-Two Previews Start To Trickle In


Keith Fraser, writing in The Province, is the first out of the gate with a preview of what to expect when Round-Two of the Real Trial starts up again on Monday:

"....The Crown is expected to call their second witness, Brian Kenning, a member of the board of B.C. Rail who was also on the government’s evaluation committee for the controversial sale of the Crown corporation.

It’s anticipated that Kenning’s evidence will run for much of the week. He is expected to be followed by John McLernon, chair of B.C. Rail...."

While Bill Tieleman had nary a word to say about the good Mr. Denning in his 'RailGate A to Z' compendium published back in December of 2008, Mr T did note the following about the good Mr. McLernon:

"...McLernon was integral to the privatization process and is a key Gordon Campbell appointee...."

And just in case you afficionados of the 'Paragon Marathon' have forgotten......

Since he left BC Rail, Mr. McLernon has since been appointed by Gordon Campbell to T. Richard Turner's old day job, the Chair of the BC Lottery Corporation.


That's right.

It is Mr. McLernon who will now oversee the regulation of the good Mr. Turner's (and his fine friends from Vegas') latest venture.

Which is.....

The Casino Industrial Complex that is being justified as a way to finance Gordon Campbell's $600 million magic carpet that will soon cloak B.C. Place.


Maybe somebody should tell poor, self-admittedly, clueless Bill Good how we could pay for Health Care and Education without invoking the HST if we really wanted to.


And here is one last little tidbit worth chewing on if you want really make a masticatory mishmash of things that may, or may not, matter.....A while back Sean Holman reported that the former longterm (and well-compensated) BC Rail consultant Mr. Patrick Kinsella was granted audiences with BOTH Mr. Turner and Mr. McLernon, successively, in their capacities as the Chairs of the BC Lottery Corp....As Mr. Holman would say.....Fancy that!



West End Bob said...

poor, self-admittedly clueless Bill Good

Really, RossK? The goodship watercarrier admitted being clueless?

Amazing . . . .

BC Mary said...


Nice to see you leading the throng up to the palace gates where we can shout and stomp and hold high the smouldering torches ...

but I gotta say, I've been a bit surprised to see Big Media weighing in today (Sept. 12) with advance notice of tomorrow's BC Rail Political Corruption Trial session.

Don't they usually say absolutely nothing, hoping everybody forgets that there is a trial??

Could it be that they're beginning to detect some handwriting on a wall indicating that His Campbellness is about to leave town? like, forever?

What a week this will be!

North Van's Grumps said...

Just think, BC Mary, maybe it won't be Premier Gordon Campbell being called as a witness to the BC Rail trial, but rather Mr. Campbell.