Thursday, October 06, 2011

Here's To The State Of The Golden Era...


Foisted by a leader whose heart and soul was in the bag...
Who ruled over a party with iron fist....

Elayne Brenzinger, a former Liberal MLA who is now running for the Democratic Reform B.C. Party, said she quickly learned that "in caucus you couldn't stand up and challenge him, it just wasn't done."

But Ms. Brenzinger wasn't one to sit meekly by, and when she got a chance to send a zinger at Mr. Campbell, in a caucus meeting, she did. What happened next shocked her.

"It was late on a Tuesday night. We were all tired. One member was talking about a fundraiser and the Premier made some comment to the effect that he didn't remember it or if he wasn't there it didn't happen.

"I just said, and it was meant to be funny, 'You know Gordon, it isn't all about you.' It got a big laugh.

"He got up and walked along, like he does when he's on stage, and then he said it. 'Fuck you too, Elayne.' People laughed a bit but I think most were shocked. I tried to be tough and not show how I felt. But when I went out to the car I was crying."

Wrapped in think-tank rags....

VANCOUVER, BC (The Fraser Institute: Sept 13, 2011) —The governments of Canada’s two largest provinces, Ontario and Quebec, led by premiers Dalton McGuinty and Jean Charest, are among the worst managers of provincial finances according to a new analysis of the fiscal records of 10 Canadian premiers, released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading public policy think-tank....Former BC premier Gordon Campbell had the best record overall, scoring 83.1 out of a possible 100....



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

What! Only and A, not an A+? Those F.I. geeks really are cheap.

Anonymous said...

What great day in the morning have we ever trusted the Fraser Institute?

What a load of crap. Campbell has the dirtiest and most foul political record in Canadian history.

Campbell thieved and sold our BCR, you know the railway Campbell said wasn't for sale. He thieved and sold our rivers. How about, the HST wasn't on his, Hansen and Harper's radar. Throw in BC's very small deficit.

Campbell's good money management was because, he thieved BC and the BC citizens blind.

How about, Campbell put BC into the billions of debt, we will never recover. Good money manager, my @$$. Campbell and Harper are good thieves.

Any premier could do as Campbell did. All they need is, not to have a conscience. They must be willing to thieve, be corrupt, lie, cheat to win two different elections, deceive, and absolutely must be willing to plot with the P.M....To dismantle their provinces.

It's a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

If there was an occasion Campbell would say the f-bomb word to me..He would pick his teeth up off the floor. I know I would have decked him, job or no job.

We all know Campbell is full of, hate, spite, malice and so vindictive, his sanity is in question. No decent normal person would behave as Campbell does.

There is something sadly, badly wrong with Campbell. He has lost his temper, on more than one occasion. He really needs to have, a course in anger management.

Campbell also, lies, deceives, is corrupt, a thief, uses dirty tactics, breaks promises, and cheats to win.

Campbell is in fact, disgusting.