Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here's To The State Of The Golden Era....Verse 4

Here's to the Land of the People Rising...
Who see the Golden Era....Now is cached with rust...

"Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters Wednesday that he expects British Columbia to repay $1.6 billion it received from Ottawa to implement the harmonized sales tax if it scraps the controversial levy. A province-wide mail-in referendum on whether to keep the HST ended August 5. Results aren’t expected until August 25. Flaherty said the repayment is in line with a 2009 accord between Ottawa and B.C. in which the province pledged not to eliminate the HST until July 1, 2015....."



Anonymous said...

What would happen if the B.C. Government (the people) refused to give the money back?

Anonymous said...

The web site, Let Freedom Rain, is an eye opener. Now Harper's personality makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh Mr. Flaherty I'm still paying HST on my purchases and I think you will have to subtract that from the $1.6b. Fair is fair - - but then what do you as a politician know about fairness?


Don F. said...

Complete agreement Burgess!
The longer it takes to get rid of the less they should expect.
The truth of the matter is we are not responsible one iota for their foolishness.
Don F.