Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saturday Night Hansard Blogging


Going is never gone when you can keep on keeping on...

Like, say....


And here I thought, after getting hooked on a bunch of previous Hansardian versions, that I'd gotten to the nut of the thing by fronting the man from Belfast's Seven Day Plane with Martha Wainwright's Dirty Motherf*ckin' AHole (both in A)....But that, above, is just unbelievable to me...Guess this means I'm gonna have to get working on my own ragged melange of Hansard's 'Red Chord' and The Clancy Brother's version of 'The Parting Glass' wherein I mix in Darnielle's 'Love, Love, Love' (all in E)... Which also means that I just might have to get another bloody harpoon...Geez, sometimes I really do wish I could quit my day job...But only sometimes.


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