Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lickspittles Cometh!


Rod Mickeburgh, in The Globe, has the story of the BC Liberal Lickspittles who are suddenly appalled by the way they and theirs have been treating the most vulnerable amongst us:

...In an emotional presentation to the legislature on Monday, veteran Liberal MLA Randy Hawes expressed deep concern that services being provided are inadequate, and adults with severe developmental challenges – to the distress of their families – are being moved out of group homes where many have lived for years.

“In the more than 10 years that I’ve been in this legislature, there’s no issue that’s caused me more loss of sleep or more concern for those most valuable people,” said Mr. Hawes, not previously known as a publicly independent voice within the Liberal caucus.

He rejected past assertions by the government and its service agency, Community Living B.C., that no one is being moved out of a group home into private residential accommodation against their will. “We know that hasn’t been what has been happening.”

The Abbotsford-Mission MLA, who appeared close to tears at one point, was speaking during debate on a motion by NDP MLA Nicholas Simons. The motion, which called for a moratorium on further group home closures, was talked out before it could come to a vote.

Gordon Hogg, another Liberal backbencher, also expressed concern over the situation, which has prompted the demotion of former Social Development minister Harry Bloy and the firing late Friday of Community Living CEO Rick Mowles.

Mr. Hogg said some of the decisions made by CLBC have hit at society’s core values “and [they have hit at] them in a way which I’m not comfortable with.”

The MLA for Surrey-White Rock was referring to well-publicized recent examples which had distraught parents questioning removal of their developmentally disabled adult children from group accommodation, where they had been comfortable, to private homes...."

But here's the thing.

What will the Lickspittles actually do about it?


Other than shedding a few crocodile tears for the Media, what will they actually do to reverse and make good on all the slashing and burning that they have been a party to for years for no good reason at all?


And I remind everyone that it is our most helpless and vulnerable fellow British Columbians who have been forced to pay the most for all of the rusted-out and tarnished Golden Era edifices that are still being controlled by the cronies and the henchpersonnages of the Era's former leader.

Most egregious of these edifices is the disgustingly overpriced $600 million carpet atop the BC Place Marshmallow that was arranged for AFTER the 2008 recession hit. Furthermore, I assert that the retractable roof and all the other goo-gaws associated with it were really forced upon us for no other reason than to justify a long ago planned-for Casino-Industrial-Complex/Land-Jacking in Downtown Lotusland.

Meanwhile, the life partner of one T. Richard Turner (yes, THAT paragon of the most virtuous of the finest of the fine friends of Mr. Gordon M. Campbell, who also once had the Minister then responsible for the Marshmallow on speed-dial, Mr. T. Richard Turner) makes like Marie Antoinette over the issue of our most vulnerable....


Heckfire....If you want to see a man defending those who would let us eat cake forever and ever after, just watch this 1 minute clip of the former Marshmallow Minister that was originally filmed by Sean Holman....It contains everything you need to know how the BC Liberal lickspittles that are STILL running this province really operate when called upon to defend the indefensible.

(although, please note how The Dean, just off stage right, tries to give the then Marshmallow Minister a lifeline that he is not quite sharp enough to grasp firmly)



Anonymous said...

Just listen to John Macombe and his milquetoast interview with Rich Coleman and his week question about Randy Hawes

North Van's Grumps said...

Bear with me here, but back in March of 2007, at this site which turns out to be a Microsoft Excel file called "March 2007 Full Table.xls"... if you open it and then Select All, then do a Control F and search for Casino, there are 11 hits.

More interestingly is if you do a search for LNG, you'll get seven hits which covers Terasen's Vancouver Island, Kitimat LNG Terminal at Bish Cove, and Prince Rupert.

For good measure throw in "pipeline" as a search criteria:

"Terasen's proposal is to develop a Vancouver Island Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility and add to the pipeline distribution system. Rezoning was approved in May 2004 for a 43 ha site, west of Mt. Hayes and approx 8 km northeast of Ladysmith, for the proposed LNG facility. The plant will have the capacity to liquefy approx 7.5 mmscfd and vaporize and inject up to 100 mmscfd of natural gas back into the pipeline system. Terasen's new owners are reviewing the project, and will determine whether it will proceed."

Anonymous said...

It is done by Mount Hayes right over the aquifer which supplies much of the Cassidy area.