Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Goodbye To My Friend Ian.


I have a select number of very old friends who I know so well that, when we get together after long partings, we can get into very intense things, immediately, without preamble, almost as if 20 years ago was yesterday.

I did not know Ian Reid for nearly that long.

And I did not really know him all that well.

But, because of the connection we made, I felt like I did.

Because whenever we met, or talked on the phone, or E-mailed, we almost always got down to brass tacks pretty much immediately.

And we almost always talked about politics.

Or, at the very least, political goings on.


The last time Ian and I talked in person it was together with our mutual friend Norm Farrell.

And the politics talk was intense.

And then, somehow, near the end of our conversation the issue of what we'd all do if we had the time came up.


In my own head I've often thought that if I was retired I would have the time to do the real research so that I could try to write with the insight of Norm and the passion of Ian.

But I didn't say that.

Because before I could, Ian fixed me with that gaze of his and said.

'I'm pretty sure that when that happens Cal will be making music full-time'.

Which flummoxed me.

Not because Ian was wrong.

But rather because he was probably right.


I got an Email from another old friend late last night who I haven't really known since we were both kids, back before either of us knew Ian.

He wanted to pass along a message from Ian's daughter.

I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I excerpted just a few lines from it:

My father, Ian, died peacefully this afternoon in Vancouver, after a long illness... 

 ...It's impossible to talk about his death and his life without talking about politics. (Don't let me get started on talking about music.)...

Talking about music, indeed.

I recorded this for Ian late last fall:

A while back Ian and I got to kibbitzing back and forth (usually on comment threads) about who our real musical heroes were...In the end we settled on two war horses from our youth (who were, of course, also young colts themselves as well back then)...His was Bowie... Mine was Springsteen...Which, of course, led to....This.



Anonymous said...

Sad. He will be very missed.


James King, Victoria said...

Damn. He was one of the good ones.
I met Ian a couple of times when he was with Carole James...it's sad to think the two of them won't work together again and that this province (and this city, Victoria) has lost one of its truly great sons.

Anonymous said...

A big sigh...I started following Ian's words with deep interest over the last couple of years. They were painful, poignant, powerful and plainly true.

Looking for you up in the stars tonight Ian.


Grant G said...

He will be missed, his clear written words will live on in the cloud..

Ian`s spirit will twinkle in the stars above..

Life is hard, frustrating and at times without reward, fleeting and far too short..

Thank you Ross K for informing us of Mr. Reid`s transformation from the physical to spirit form..

A toast...

Until we meet again Ian Reid...


karen said...

I'm sorry for your loss, RossK.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know and my thoughts are with his friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Ian has provided some excellent reading over the years.... He & his devotion to truth will be missed.

Guy in Victoria

Don F. said...

all the struggles and worry are in the past now for our friend Ian.
He is freed of all his burdens and pain, something he showed remarkable strength and character through.
Rest in peace!

Don F.

Kim said...

Thanks Cal, I was not surprised to hear the news. Just sad, so sad.

Ian was one of the first bloggers I found off your newsfeed. He was someone who's contributions I never missed. Insightful. Personal. Passionate.

He showed us what courage, conviction and love can accomplish on ones journey.

Peace to Ian and his family, for their unwavering love and support.

Thanks again for sharing the news in your graceful way.

Keith E. said...

A man of class and courage.
Shine your star on us all Ian.

Danneau said...

Thanks to Gazetteer for helping to digest some sorry news. Ian was a regular on the morning route, though it was clear that there wouldn't be a lot more forthcoming. Just happy to have had what I saw and to see the connections with you and Farell and the others who show such grace in the face of such unutterable filth, always speaking to the better parts of our nature. I never met Ian, knew him only through the blog, but the respect that he commanded amongst the best of his peers speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to you and Norm for posting this very sad news.
A brilliant and amazing man Thanks for passing through Ian ! We wish you could have stayed longer
You made a big impression on so many people, your blog was one of kind and your insights on life in BC are sorely missed
Safe journey Ian

scotty on denman said...

Thank you for
kind words
sharing Heroes

kootcoot said...

One can only admire how tough he hung in there. He is truly missed.......

RossK said...

Thanks Everybody.

Hope you all caught Horgan's tribute to Ian in the Ledge Monday....