Friday, May 23, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Will There Be Disciplining?



It looks like those very few actual liberals (and/or folks whose hearts are not made out of stone) who are still inside the wretched, stinking, muck-strewn tent that is the BC Liberal Party may be kicking up a bit of a fuss in front of their 'convention'.

Justine Hunter had a not about this yesterday in the Globe. Here is her lede:

B.C. New Democrats have been unsuccessful in getting the provincial government to end the clawback of child-support payments for single parents on income assistance. But this weekend at the party convention, members of the governing B.C. Liberal party will join the battle.

Delegates from Liberal MLA Doug Bing’s riding have drafted a resolution calling on the government to provide an exemption that would allow single parents on welfare to keep the additional support, saying it fits with the party’s core values of a “compassionate free enterprise system.”

There is no guarantee the resolution will make it to the floor for debate – for the most part this convention is expected to be a love-in for Premier Christy Clark, who led her party to an unexpected and hard-fought victory in 2013. And there are only two hours allowed for policy debate, so the majority of proposals will not be discussed.

But the resolution highlights an undercurrent of tension in Ms. Clark’s coalition party.

Mr. Bing said the resolution reflects concerns from Liberals in his constituency about poverty, but he added that it is not unique to his community. “There is a government policy and the caucus has a position, but I don’t think it is unanimous by any means,” he said. “This motion comes from the grassroots and people want this discussed.”...


I guess the real question is...

Will anybody take these uppity ones out behind the barn and start spitting at them?



North Van's Grumps said...

Nit picking here, but the last time I looked, the Premier of British Columbia does NOT have the ability to overhaul the BC Liberal Party, the BC NDP, the Green or even Independents. That responsibility lies with the Leaders of the respective entities.

That's the problem with the Ethnic Scandal hacks, double dipping into the public treasury and then being paid a portion by the Political Party (if caught). Too many times there's a blending of "duties".

Rob Shaw's caption writer should be hauled up on the carpet: "Premier wants to overhaul B.C. Liberal Party". The correct title should be: LEADER wants to overhaul BC Liberal Party

bcwaterboy said...

Here's the money shot from the poser of pictures:"This is not an ideological debate. It’s whether or not we can afford it as a province,” Would someone please challenge that stupid statement and ask her whose families come first in BC? It most certainly is an ideological issue, and comes down to wanting families to go without necessities of life or not.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, word has it BCLib MLA Linda Reimer attended a BCED rally in Port Coquitlam yesterday, instead of the sold out ultra sparkly Pamela Martin speech at the BCL14 convention.


e.a.f. said...

if we waited until the "economy grows" or the province "can afford" it, some children in this province will be suffering from malnutrition.

What can and cannot be afforded is an ideological debate, because there is money for sparkle ponies fests, sparkle pony trips, sparkle pony housing allowances, sparkle pony tax rebates for corporations. If the province can afford at least 13 different corporate welfare programs then certainly it can afford to not claw back $17 Million from children living 50% below the poverty line.

What I don't get is why we haven't heard from any of the religious communities. Guess they must think not feeding children is an o.k. thing to do. Shame on them all.