Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Maybe Mr. Mackin Should Take Out A Membership.


Despite the fact that it is his day job, I still think of Bob Mackin as a citizen journalist in the best sense of the term.

Because, essentially, he pays attention and then goes after stuff we, the citizenry, need to/should know.

Like, for example, what the actual plan is and estimated costs are for Ms. Clark's other boondoggle, the Massey Bridge.

And even after their own Privacy Commissioner told them to hand over the pertinent documents the Snooklandians still found a way to stonewall Uncle Bob on the matter:

...High-ranking minions in Mike de Jong’s Finance Ministry decided last October that the 60 pages of documents about the tunnel-cum-bridge that they held in their grubby hands were going to cost me $126 to see. I’m a frequent FOI requester and governments don’t ask for exorbitant fees to see dozens of pages. But this one was so arrogant that it thought it could get away with it.

Fast-forward six months and, after my complaint to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, the government has relented. No fee. But it is not a victory.

Instead of 60 pages, I got 15 on May 22 with such earth-shaking revelations as: “Plan is for the project to ready for construction in 2017″ and “Plan is for the new bridge to be fully operational by the end of 2022.”

The documents mention that there are concept plans, but whether a business case exists is protected by section 12, aka “cabinet confidences.” See “more” below.

Bottom line: The BC Liberal government doesn’t want you to know about how it wants to spend your hard-earned money on mega-projects...


If being a citizen doesn't work, maybe Mr. Mackin should take out a party membership.

After all, according to the boss, when it comes to questions folks may have about what she and hers are actually up to membership matters:

And don't kid yourself....The Snooklandian stonewalling of Mr. Mackin's FOI requests is real and it is concerted when it involves something they don't want us to know.



Anonymous said...


...and of course, some members are more equal than others...

Lew said...

There is an extremely large pachyderm in the room called British Columbia, and it is exemplified by the deafening silence from the self-described elite journalists with names like Baldrey, Palmer, Leslie, Smart, Johal, Good, et al who “work” for Global, CKNW, Vancouver Sun, etc. Why are they not complaining bitterly about being denied access to information they’ve requested under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act? Surely they aren’t getting information denied to Mr. Mackin.

So where are their examples of access denial, or better yet, the answers to the questions they’ve asked? Could it be that they aren’t even bothering to ask?

The public deserves that information too.

scotty on denman said...

Hey Lew:

maybe Bob Mackin could report on the self-described elite journalists---you know, ask them what their latest FOI disappointments have been; you'd think eliteness would entail denied FOI requests on an almost daily basis.

e.a.f. said...

well did we really expect anything different from the lieberals. doubt if those other "elite" journalists had any "FOI dissapointments" because they didn't file any requests. Its not like they do any work as journalists traditionally did.

Anonymous said...


FOI and Tony Blair: regrets, he's had a few...

Evil Eye said...

There is even a bigger scandal with Snooky's new bridge and it has to do with the Canada Line. It has to do with SNC Lavalin and their P-3 with the Canada Line.

I have been told if the Canada Line were to be extended over the proposed bridge, SNC Lavalin will have the right to design and build the bridge without tender.

Another scandal brought to you by those who do not work for Global; NW or the Vancouver Sun.