Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Springtime Jukebox...Tune #1: Return Of The Grievous Angel.


Back somewhere in the middle of the late winter jukebox I took a run at the Cosmic Cowboy's biggest hit.

And when I told somebody about that they suggested the time had come for me to go to heart of all that would later become alt.country.

Which led me to Gram Parsons, the partnership with Emmylou Harris division.

And a road tune written with poet Thomas Brown that contains everything that Jack Kerouac, and Ted Williams too, could have possibly imagined, and more:

Interestingly, when the album came out after Parsons premature death in early 1974 his wifemade sure that Harris was just about nowhere to be found...I really dig their live take of the song...And, apparently, so do those two kids from Sweden who blew right on past the heart of it all recently and made the thing their own...More on that later.
So...I've been doing a bit of counting....Last year's Sunday Setlists ~250,000 listens....December's Advent Jukebox ~220,000 listens....The just completed Late Winter Setlist ~230,000 listens (download 'em now, downt hread if you want 'em because I'm going to let them slide off the page soon)....That total...Just unbelievable/unfathomable to me...Thanks, again, everyone!



kootcoot said...

Hickory Wind, Sin City, etc. I LOVE Gram Parsons!

RossK said...

I hear you Koot!