Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mr. Hansen's Own Private Andrea True Connection.

Ear worm in the title to the post burrowing into your brain?

More! More! More!

How scared are the Status Quo Vadists of that PoCo mayor?...Crapless.



Lew said...

“Hansen said the program focuses mostly on companies in China because ‘if you were to make a list of 1,000 companies that are global in size and want to reach out globally and regionally (and don’t already have established headquarters elsewhere) 90 per cent would be in China’.”

Mr. Hansen’s radar failed to pick up the HST hatching in his own nest.

It seems it’s also failed to detect examples of China’s human rights abuses, despite his long-standing close association with representatives from the “people’s republic”.

Otherwise he’d be making and promoting a difference sort of list, wouldn’t he?

RossK said...


Mr. Hansen still likes to trumpet the fact that he ran that program despite the fact that it has been widely discredited, based on the reporting of not-Keef et al., as a boondoggle/give away of our resources to those who need it least.


e.a.f. said...

just the body language on those two old white corpulent pieces of shit...........

Hansen still is into self promotion, without a clue regarding what is best for Canada. Hansen still is all about Hansen. looks like some of those corpulent pieces of shit south of the border.