Friday, August 31, 2012

And The Band Wore Blue Shirts...


....And The Music Played On.

Yesterday, Ian Reid wondered if the entire Falcon and The Slowman (and the two other LINOs that I already can't remember) resignation thing was, based on the timing, "orchestrated".

Well, as soon as the string section was done with the intro to the piece a single, solitary blue-shirted trumpeter waiting in the wings started bleating.

And, of course, Jonathan Fowlie immediately plugged in his post media-approved tube amp, turned it up to eleven, and started blasting it all over the front page of the VSun.

Here is Mr. Fowlie's tone-deafening lede:

B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins is being challenged from within his party's own board of directors, with at least one official urging party members to select a new leader before the May election.

In an email obtained by The Vancouver Sun on Thursday, a director John Crocock called on party members to vote in favour of a leadership review ahead of the party's annual general meeting in September, which, if successful, would force Cummins to step down.

"Good people have been alienated at a time when our party must be moving forward," Crocock wrote in an email to members Thursday.

"A lot of the decisions do not make sense lately. The party's members, no matter what position, have been left out, wondering what is going on," he said.

"To keep the party on track with principles and the transparency that we all are fighting for, I strongly recommend voting Yes to the leadership review/ elections."....


A 'move' to push out The Curmudgeon?

Immediately on the heels of The Snowman's resignation as a cabinet minister but NOT as an MLA....How's that 'LibConColdFusion' monster mash-up sound now?

It really was a single Email from a single BC Con...Mr. Fowlie confirmed this on the CBC this morning with Stephen Quinn.
Mr. Falcon was also on with Mr. Quinn a little earlier...Was interesting to learn that he (Mr. Falcon) left government for the same reason, kinda/sorta as Gary Collins...Seriously, that is who he invoked for 2005...He also informed British Columbians that "Polls are a specific moment in time"...
Header ear worm buggin' you.....Think Jackson, Joe (not the shoeless variety)...


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