Wednesday, August 08, 2012

When The Birdman Talks...


...Do Auditor Generals Even Bother To Listen?

The latest from the accounting-challenged mouth that roars (and roars, and roars), British Columbia's current Finance Minister, Kevin Falcon, by way of CKNW's Shane Woodford:

 "British Columbia has a record of outperforming budget targets every single year with the exception of one year in 2009 with the global economic meltdown and we want to keep that record of performance going we are on track to have a surplus budget next year and British Columbia with a triple A credit rating has one of the best financial records in the world and I am proud of that and I want to keep that going."

Of course, it's not all good news from the pre-campaigner-in-chief, Mr. Falcon:

The budget will be tabled right before the next provincial election but Falcon says voters shouldn't expect any treats.
 "Well it will be important but you know we don't have a lot of fiscal room for treats and so the truth is we are going to be campaigning responsibly as we should do."


Does that mean the Campbell/Clark/Falcon government being (ir)responsonsible when it comes to the squeezing of the resources provided to Mr. Falcon's nemesis, Auditor General John Doyle?

Laila Yule, who has been on fire lately, has that story. Here's her kicker:

...This government refuses to cooperate with the auditor general's office, refuses to allow him access to information about finances, spending, the Bas-Virk deal, make him have to go so far as to actually take them to court in his quest for information… and then cut him off at the financial knees while he’s spending his budget trying to get them to just be accountable. Unfathomable even today, as we hear Falcon crowing loudly to justify government expenditures…



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